Crafted in America’s Most Dangerous City: The Secure Oasis Drop Box

February 21, 2011

Oasis Drop Box Standard PostManufactured in one of America’s most dangerous cities, Compton, California, the designers of the Oasis secure locking drop box, know how crucial it is to ensure mail safety.  Architectural Mailboxes, a firm bringing much-needed jobs to an area otherwise ruled by over 50 gangs, is the maker of secure drop boxes and mailboxes.

For USPS mail delivery, the Oasis drop box is available as a mailbox complete with red delivery flag and USPS authorized mailboxes sticker.   For non-mail delivery applications such as a key drop box, a money drop box, an after hours office drop box, and other uses, the Oasis Drop Box is available without the red delivery flag (and USPS mailboxes sticker).  In either application, the emphasis of the Oasis drop box is on security.

The Oasis Drop Box is an excellent solution to commercial operations, apartment complex managers, auto repair facilities, and other businesses that require secure money drop box or key drop box and other such drops.  (Many car rental facilities use the Oasis drop box as a GPS unit drop box so their clients can place the units in the box after the rental period expires).

The locking Oasis Mailbox is an excellent solution for both commercial and residential small parcel deliveries and USPS mail – especially when one wants to ensure the safe and secure delivery of their mail.

Constructed of heavy steel gauge panels and powder coated in a variety of colors, (black, pearl gray, sand, white and bronze) the Oasis Drop Box and Oasis Mailbox provides both strength and style.  And the strength goes beyond the secure drop boxes sturdy steel panels.  Both locking Oasis Drop Boxes and locking Oasis Mailboxes are crafted using stainless steel hinges and rivets designed for both durability and vandal/theft prevention.

Whether one uses the Oasis Drop Box as a key drop, item collection unit, parcel drop box, money drop box, GPS drop box or otherwise, the innovative and oversized secure parcel delivery door accommodates a plethora of items that will stay safe until the box is unlocked.  Additionally, the delivery and access doors are equipped with weather tight seals that keep items dry in stormy weather.

The Oasis Drop Box and Oasis Mailbox both feature a zinc plated cam lock with zinc die cast cylinder that can be rekeyed as necessary.   Optional lettering is also available on each secure box.  Mounting either the locking mailbox or the secure drop box is simple and straightforward.  Both boxes can be mounted onto a standard 4” square galvanized steel post (available with both the mailbox and the drop box).   The powder coated, matching colors post may be ordered as an in ground post or surface mount.  All mounting hardware is included with post orders along with drop box installation instructions.    The drop box may also be mounted on a standard 4×4 post.

Personalization of the Oasis Drop Box and Oasis Mailbox may also be selected.  Custom vinyl lettering enables buyers to designate the exact use or customization of their secure drop box. Custom colors, fonts, and even artwork can also be applied to either the front of the Oasis drop box and Oasis mailbox, and/or to either side.

For businesses requiring multiple secure drop boxes or multiple mailboxes, the Oasis drop box and mailbox products may provide significant savings as up to four may be mounted upon a single post in an array of configurations.

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