Contemporary Mailboxes: A Fresh Look for Your Home

January 4, 2011

Knobloch Hollywood Red Wall Mount MailboxFor homeowners ready to move beyond the utilitarian function of their mailbox, today’s newest residential mailboxes offer an uber-cool experience for those daily trips to retrieve your postal mail.  Most of the emerging trends in modern residential mailboxes congregate in at least one (and often more than one) of these three mailbox features:

1. Finish

For years mailbox manufacturers have taken a page from automobile’s pioneer Henry Ford who said of his Model T automobile, “Customers can have any color they want as long as it’s black.”  Today, black remains the most common residential mailbox color.  However, one of today’s emerging contemporary mailbox trends is the wide array of colors or finishes available for residential mailboxes.

The Ecco Post Mount Mailbox and Post is a great example of a new trend in mailbox finishes.  Economically priced, the Ecco Post Mount Mailbox looks very similar to a rural post mount mailbox except for one stunning addition: metallic finishes.  Available in sandblasted stainless steel, a unique metallic, blue-steel finish, as well as an understated metallic charcoal gray.  Of course, for those less daring, Ecco Post Mount Mailboxes can also be ordered in black.

2. Function

Most homeowners are familiar with the basic functions of their residential mailbox:  a compartment to receive mail, a flag to let the postal carrier know there is outgoing mailing, and perhaps a separate compartment or place to receive a daily newspaper.  New trends in contemporary mailboxes add functions such as security features to prevent mail theft and large capacity compartments to store several days worth of mail, and options for both front and rear access to the mailbox to make collecting the mail less of a chore.

For example, the Bobi Grande Rear Access Post Mount Mailbox with Bobi Round Mailbox Post, brings extraordinary curb appeal to residential curbside post mount mailboxes.  Produced by a family owned business in a small town in Finland, these high quality modern mailboxes find their modern beauty in a minimalistic and one of a kind quality workmanship and materials often found in today’s high-end indoor appliances.

3. Style

A drive through suburban neighborhoods today yields no surprises in mailbox style:  most residential mailboxes just blend into the surroundings.  But the third feature of emerging contemporary mailboxes, their modern, even post-modern styles, attracts the eye immediately.

Consider the Knoboch American Designer Wall Mount Mailboxes.  These design-winning mailboxes manufactured by skilled craftsman in Dobeln, Germany, have a sleek, curved style and are offered in stunning, eye-catching colors and finishes.

Many of these exciting new trends in modern residential mailboxes offer more than one of these emerging styles – some, like the European Home Curb Appeal Post Mount mailbox offers all three – an extraordinary brushed stain stainless steel finish (constructed of .03” thick type 304 true stainless steel), high quality security features to protect mail against theft, and a unique sleek style mounted on dual posts that is sure to draw compliments from neighbors and postal carriers alike.

Elevating Your Home with Modern Mailbox Styles

Wrapping up our journey through cool, contemporary, and modern mailbox styles, it’s clear these pieces are not mere receptacles for your mail; they are statement pieces that mirror the architectural trends of today. Offering sleek lines, innovative designs, and a focus on functionality, modern mailboxes enhance the curb appeal of any home, reflecting its owner’s taste for contemporary elegance.

Modernize Your Mail Experience

Dive into our diverse selection of contemporary and modern mailbox styles to find the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic. From minimalist designs that embody sleek sophistication to bold, artistic statements that stand out, our collection caters to the varied tastes of modern homeowners.

Interested in transforming your home’s first impression with a modern mailbox? Our experts are here to guide you to the ideal selection that aligns with your design preferences and functional requirements. For personalized assistance or to browse our modern mailbox offerings, contact us at 1-866-717-4943or visit our contact page. Discover your next modern mailbox at MailboxWorks and bring a touch of contemporary flair to your curb appeal today.

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