MailboxWorks Has the Widest Selection of Unique Mailboxes

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While most business leaders, homeowners, and developers know The MailboxWorks as the North America’s largest supplier of wall mount and post mount residential mailboxes (plus commercial mailboxes), what many may not realize is that The MailboxWorks also has the largest selection of unique mailboxes available anywhere.

Their selection of unique novelty mailboxes includes everything from dog, cat, and bird shaped mailboxes to residential mailboxes shaped like cars, boats, trains, and even sports related themes.

Pinehill Woodcraft Cartoon House Novelty MailboxCartoon House Mailbox

Consider the Flintstone-like wooden, post mount, cartoon house mailbox.

Built upon the foundation of a USPS approved, size one, galvanized steel mailbox, the fine details on this well-built unique mailbox features handcrafted windows, doors and a rock-shaped body design.

Whether purchasing this cartoon house mailbox for yourself or a friend, this standout, unique mailbox design is a sure bet to turn heads in the neighborhood.

Cannon Mailbox

Another amazingly unique post mount mailbox is the Civil War Cannon mailbox.

This unique mailbox is also built upon the foundation of a size one, galvanized steel mailbox and features hand-painted cannon cart wheels, hitch, body, and the mailbox itself is utilized as the “cannon.”

The Cannon mailbox is the perfect gift for the Civil War aficionado in your life.

Sunflower Unique Mailbox

Another extraordinarily unique mailbox is the Sunflower Novelty mailbox.

It too is built upon the base of a size one, galvanized steel mailbox and features bright yellow flower petals that surround the black-seeded center stigma.

A perfect gift for the garden enthusiast or cheery friend, this unique novelty mailbox is built to last.

Pinehill Woodcraft School House Novelty MailboxUnique School House Mailbox

Your favorite teacher or professor will appreciate the School House novelty mailbox.

Built on a base of a size one, galvanized steel mailbox, these red and white school house novelty mailboxes are a miniature version of the old rural, one-room schoolhouse.

A shingled roof, steeple, arched doorway and grey-bricked fireplace stack round out the one-of-a-kind features of this unique residential mailbox.

Noah’s Ark Mailbox

Perfect for animal lovers, children, and Bible enthusiasts, the Woodendipity Style Noah’s Ark mailbox is another unique mailbox built in the style of wooden ark over a standard size one, galvanized steel mailbox.

This unique mailbox features a near zoo of fun animals such as monkeys (on the ark’s roof), tigers, zebras, and swans (on the stern’s deck), and camels and lions (on the bow’s deck).

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