America’s Finest Mailboxes – One-of-a-Kind Designs at Affordable Prices

June 24, 2014 9:41 pm

America's Finest Large Wall Mount MailboxIn a nation that prides itself on being exceptional, MailboxWorks’ America’s Finest Mailbox Company offers one-of-a-kind residential mailbox options to homeowners that want to avoid littering their porch with an unoriginal, cookie cutter mailbox design.

For most mailbox manufacturers, fabricating one-of-a-kind mailboxes can be both time-consuming and cost-prohibitive, so homeowners that want to purchase a distinctive yet affordable solution should check out the America’s Finest mailbox possibilities available at The MailboxWorks .

The America’s Finest Mailbox brand offers fully customizable mailboxes including post mount and wall mount mailboxes at price points that will have many homeowners buying one for their home and another completely different America’s Finest Mailbox as a gift.  The process of designing a residential mailbox from America’s Finest Mailboxes is both fun and easy to do, and the creative design can be completed in just five easy steps:

  1. Choose a post mount or wall mount mailbox model
  2. Select the mailbox finish
  3. Select from the 18 possible unique cutaway mailbox designs
  4. Choose the background glass color
  5. Add any additional mailbox features

Step 1 – Choose the Mailbox Model

When you buy an America’s Finest mailbox, you first select the model you desire.  There are three distinct wall mount mailbox styles (vertical, horizontal, and large rectangular) and three stunning post mount mailbox styles (an angular style reminiscent of a barn; a standard round top, and an Asian inspired mailbox style reflecting the design eminence of Frank Lloyd Wright).  All six of these residential mailbox styles are made with solid brass by America’s Finest Mailboxes.

Step 2 – Select the Mailbox Finish

The second step when buying America’s Finest mailboxes is to select the mailbox finish you desire; typically a mailbox finish that complements or contrasts with the exterior wall on which it is mounted (for wall mount mailboxes).  At The MailboxWorks you can choose America’s Finest Mailboxes from seven beautiful mailbox finishes including Architectural Bronze, Bronze Patina, New Verde, Old Brass, Old Penny, Textured Black, and Warm Brass.

Step 3 – Select the Cutaway Design

The third step when you buy an America’s Finest mailbox is to select the unique cut-away mailbox design from among eighteen picturesque scenes. You may select from:

Three different bird mailbox designs:  owl, hummingbird, or blue heron

Three aquatic creatures:  distinctive crab, reef fish, or romantic sea horses

Six unique plant designs:  Wisteria, Monterey Pine, Monterey Cypress, Japanese Maple, Ginkgo, or English Ivy

Any of the remaining designs:  The word “mail”, your house numbers, a simple geometric design, a dragonfly, or a welcoming pineapple

Step 4 – Choose the Background Glass Color

The fourth step when you buy an America’s Finest mailbox is to select the background glass color to place behind your unique mailbox cutaway design. The background is available in one of five stunning glass colors including blue, champagne, iridescent gold, honey or wispy white.

These background glass colors provide a visual backdrop to your mailbox design and may also be lit up using America’s Finest Mailboxes incredible LED lighting technology.  The LED light kit uses just 8 watts of power and will last for up to 30,000 hours.  And it can be powered by 120-volt wiring (standard electrical outlets in your home) or it can be powered by a 12-volt battery for a “wireless application.”

Step 5 – Add Other Mailbox Features

Finally, your fifth step with America’s Finest Mailboxes unique mailbox design is to decide on the practical features you wish to add to your America’s Finest Mailbox purchase including an optional magazine rack or a locking door to prevent mail and/or identity theft.

When one multiplies the amazing number of available design choices in putting together America’s Finest Mailboxes (for instance 3 wall mount models x 7 finishes x 18 designs x 5 background colors x 2 lighting options x 2 feature options), it will take a calculator to figure it all out. In fact, The MailboxWorks America’s Finest Mailboxes offers 7,560 unique choices for designing the perfect America’s Finest Mailbox for you, one that most assuredly will also achieve the goal of purchasing an affordable mailbox that is also quite unique.


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