America’s Finest Mailboxes – Innovative and Finely Crafted

May 5, 2015 2:18 pm

America's Finest Large Wall Mount MailboxAs the name suggests, America’s Finest Mailboxes are designed and made in America.

Manufactured just a few blocks from the stadium of the Anaheim Angel’s professional baseball team, these customizable America’s Finest wall mount mailboxes are an excellent solution for today’s homeowners seeking a finely crafted wall mount mailbox that will fit in a narrow space.

How America’s Finest Mailboxes are Manufactured

Like a made-from-scratch bakery item, America’s Finest mailboxes, available online at The MailboxWorks, all begin as raw materials that are handcrafted into wonderful works of art. The mailbox manufacturing process is quite involved:

  1. The front designs of all America’s Finest mailboxes are precisely cut into the solid brass plating using water-jet technology.
  2. Then, the front mailbox designs are attached to the rest of the wall mount mailbox body utilizing solid brass rivets so that the integrity of the brass remains intact throughout the entire residential mailbox.
  3. Next, a thirteen-step hand-finishing process brings the mailbox patina look to life so that no two America’s Finest mailboxes are exactly alike.
  4. Then, a clear lacquer coat is applied to the finishing work so that the residential mailbox is protected from rust or chipping.
  5. Finally, a glass panel is fitted to create a creative backdrop to the laser-cut brass front panel of the mailbox

As America’s Finest mailboxes are not a mass-produced product from overseas, these wall mount mailboxes feature many features and benefits that have been innovated from people who are entrusted with the authority to bring about improvements at any stage of the artisanship process.

For example, the mailbox lid of all America’s Finest wall mount mailboxes features an interior rubber bumper that eliminates unnecessary noise when opening or closing your mailbox. This subtle improvement can make a huge difference in the daily life of those who wish to avoid disturbing a sleeping baby or noisy dog every time the mail is delivered.

America's Finest Mailbox LED Light KitOptional Lighting Kits for America’s Finest Mailboxes

Arising from decades of expertise in manufacturing residential lighting fixtures, America’s Finest residential mailboxes also offer an optional LED lighting kit.

This innovative optional lighting kit will turn your mailbox into an attractive lighting fixture by providing a backlit light behind the glass panel. For homes with limited space to mount both a mailbox and porch light, this LED lighted mailbox option solves both problems.

And because the mailbox lighting technology is LED, the light kit only uses 8 watts of power that can be wired with 12 volt or 120 volt wiring, and will last for up to 30,000 hours before needing a wiring change.

America’s Finest Mailbox Finishes

America’s Finest large, residential wall mount mailboxes are offered in:

  • 7 stunning finishes
  • 18 different panel choices
  • 5 different glass color options (for the front mailbox panel feature)

The result is an amazing 630 different mailbox design options. Other wall mount mailbox options include a traditional magazine rack and a locking mailbox door.

America’s Finest Mailboxes are easy to mount and backed by a lifetime warranty on all materials and craftsmanship.


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