5 Unique Design Options of America’s Finest Mailboxes

February 22, 2019 9:37 pm

America's Finest Large Wall Mount MailboxIn this article by The MailboxWorks, we will explore how versatile America’s Finest lighting mailboxes truly are. Choose and design the perfect wall mount mailbox for your home.

Here are some things you should think about when considering America’s Finest lighting mailboxes:

  1. Mailbox Shape
  2. Finish
  3. Design
  4. Glass Color
  5. Other mailbox options

These America’s Finest brass mailboxes will help distinguish your residence from every other home on the block.

Mailbox Shape

First, select an America’s Finest mailbox shape that compliments your home’s architecture and your personal style. These beautiful, handcrafted wall mount mailboxes are offered in three primary shapes including:

  1. Horizontal mailboxes
  2. Vertical mailboxes
  3. Rectangular mailboxes

For homes that receive large amounts of mail, the rectangular wall mount mailbox measures 11 inches tall by 16 ½ inches wide by 5 ½ inches deep and provides nearly twice the interior mailbox space as the vertical or horizontal mailbox options.

America's Finest Vertical Wall Mount MailboxMailbox Finish

Second, once you select the mailbox shape you desire, choose the finish you prefer. America’s Finest lighting mailboxes come in six classic metal mailbox finishes:

Architectural Bronze       New Verde                  Old Brass

Old Penny                        Textured Black           Warm Brass

The bronze and black mailbox finishes provide a consistent color finish throughout the metal while the remaining finishes (new Verde, old brass, old penny, and warm brass) all provide a more dynamic variation of the selected color. Many homeowners choose an America’s Finest mailbox finish that complements the hardware in the area where the mailbox will be installed.

Mailbox Design

Once you select the shape and finish, the next choice to consider is the mailbox design you would prefer. In addition, each America’s Finest mailbox shape has a wide variety of possible complementary designs to consider.

Perhaps you would prefer a simple design such as your home address numbers, or a more complex design that highlights a facet of your family’s personality. America’s Finest wall mount mailboxes provide a wide variety of choices. For example, the choices for the horizontal shaped wall mount mailbox includes Castle Hill lighthouse, classic numbers, dog paw, English ivy, Japanese maple, Pasadena, Pasadena mail, Pasadena numbers, Pasadena post, pelican, shorebird, whales, and wisteria.

America's Finest Horizontal Wall Mount MailboxMailbox Glass Color

Once you select your mailbox shape, finish, and design, it’s time to consider the glass color that will provide the stained glass look for your America’s Finest mailbox.  These MailboxWorks wall mount mailboxes offer five great glass colors including blue, champagne, gold iridescent, honey, and wispy white. View the available mailbox finish and glass options online.

Keep in mind the finish you selected for the mailbox and whether you prefer a strong contrast to the finish or whether you want a more complimentary glass choice. Here are some examples:

  • Blue glass color – for ocean or sky designs
  • Gold or iridescent glass color – for landscape designs

Other Options for America’s Finest Lighting Mailboxes

Finally, consider the optional elements you can add to America’s Finest lighting mailboxes to increase their usefulness.

Would you prefer to secure your mail?  Choose the locking door for your mailbox.  Do you need a magazine rack below your mailbox?  Select one.

And be sure to give careful consideration to one of the newest innovations that America’s Finest wall mount mailboxes provides:  the optional LED lighting kit that will ensure that the mailbox design you select is beautifully illuminated through the backlit glass behind your design.

For more information about America’s Finest lighting mailboxes or to speak with one of our mailbox experts, please call us at 1-866-717-4943.

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