Expert Advice: Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailboxes

Safety and Style: Multi-Unit Mailbox Guide

September 26, 2011
By locating your property’s commercial mailboxes in a circular or “U-grouping”, providing a well-lit area for these commercial mailbox groupings, ensuring that tenant identification numerals on the mailbox compartments do not correspond with the tenant units themselves, and by specifying extra high security units for commercial mailbox solutions that require CBU mailboxes, a developer or property manager can provide better tenant security and by default, increased tenant retention.

Ease & Aesthetics: Numbering Your Cluster Mailboxes

July 5, 2011
Best practices for numbering your CBU mailboxes are to avoid matching tenant unit numbers with tenant mailbox door identification numbers, to use simple and easy to communicate numbers so that tenants can share their address easily, and to consider the numbering as a part of the design elements of the CBU units to maximize attractiveness.

Innovative Features of Modern Commercial Mailboxes

May 31, 2011
The top commercial mailbox manufacturer, The MailboxWork’s Auth Florence, has been selected over and over as the preferred supplier to the United States Postal Service. This article shows why.

Preventing Mail Theft: Solutions for Apartments

September 24, 2010
Apartment complexes not only can be the victim of identity theft but also rent theft. Apartment managers should pick their mailbox solutions wisely. With a high security apartment mailboxes, they can make their tenant’s mail safe as well as their rent collection.