Cluster Box Mailboxes: A Configuration Overview

December 10, 2012

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU MailboxThe MailboxWork’s Auth Florence Cluster Box Mailboxes are the USPS approved standard for outdoor pedestal-mounted, centralized mail delivery. Cluster box unit mailboxes are designed to allow the postal carrier to open the unit with a special key to service all tenant mailboxes quickly and conveniently while at the same time providing a secure locking mailbox for each tenant.

Cluster box mailboxes are available in four sizes:

  1. 8 door cluster box mailboxes
  2. 12 door cluster box mailboxes
  3. 13 door cluster box mailboxes
  4. 16 door cluster box mailboxes

8, 12 & 16 Door Cluster Box Mailbox Units

Regardless of the number of tenant doors, the 8, 12, and 16 cluster box mailboxes have horizontal mailbox compartments 3 ¼” high by 12 7/8” wide and 16 ¾” deep which allow magazines and most mail to lie flat and undamaged.  All cluster box unit mailboxes also feature the exact same size secure outgoing mail compartment ensuring that tenant mail drop-offs are also undamaged as they depart. The 8 and 16 door cluster box mailboxes have two parcel compartments; the 12-door cluster box mailbox has one.

13 Door Cluster Box Mailbox Unit

The 13 door cluster box mailboxes are unique in that the tenant door size is significantly larger in height measuring 5” high by 12 7/8” wide and 16 ¾” deep. For tenants with high mail volume, 13 door cluster box mailboxes are an excellent choice. Like the 12 door cluster box mailboxes, the 13 door cluster box mailboxes feature a single parcel compartment and one outgoing mail compartment.

Mailbox Parcel Compartments

Parcel compartments allow the postal carrier to deliver small packages to tenants by placing the package into the parcel compartment and then placing the parcel compartment key in the tenant mailbox. When the tenant retrieves his or her mail, they simply utilize the key to retrieve their package and the key remains securely in the parcel compartment locking mechanism for the postal carrier to retrieve and utilize again.

Cluster Box Mailbox Finishes

To address acetic needs of various property developments, cluster box mailboxes are available in six finishes:

  1. A classic black finish, which provides an excellent defense against graffiti
  2. A dark bronze finish, which fits a wide array of architectural color palettes
  3. A forest green finish providing a very distinct look
  4. A clean white finish
  5. A postal grey finish
  6. A sandstone finish

The last two colors (postal grey and sandstone) are the two most typical colors.  Sandstone units, being the most common, ship in 24 hours. Other cluster box mailbox finishes require 5 days to ship.

Extra High Security Cluster Box Mailboxes

While all cluster box mailboxes are constructed of heavy duty aircraft quality aluminum and high grade stainless steel, The MailboxWork’s Auth Florence line of cluster box mailboxes are also available in an extra high security option. The extra high security cluster box mailboxes feature:

  1. Security collars for each tenant mailbox lock
  2. Superior mounting hardware for the entire cluster mailbox unit
  3. Thicker aluminum wrapping
  4. Reinforced cabinets and doors 

Tenant Door Identification Options

All cluster box mailboxes are also available with four options in tenant door identification. Standard identification options include silver placards and engraving. Additional options available at an upgrade price include either white or black filled engraving.

Decorative Accessories for Cluster Box Mailboxes

Additionally cluster box mailboxes can be “dressed up” with decorative accessories. Two styles are offered including:

  • The Florence Vogue decorative accessories, which can be ordered for any door configuration of cluster box mailboxes.  It includes a stunning crown molding cap and a brilliantly fluted pillar pedestal cover.
  • The Architectural Style accessories fit only 13 door cluster box mailboxes and 16 door cluster box mailboxes and include a sloping cap with ball finial and an elegantly sloping post base wrap to dress up the understructure. Tops and bottoms can be ordered separately or together.

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