6 Reasons Why MailboxWorks Is the Top CBU Mailbox Supplier

May 27, 2015 9:38 pm

Florence 16 Door Traditional CBU MailboxSince October 4, 2004, when the United States Postal Service (USPS) mandated the replacement of standard 4B mailbox units with CBU mailboxes, our nation’s builders and developers have relied on The MailboxWorks, the largest commercial mailboxes retailer in North America, for six primary reasons:

  1. CBU mailbox purchase includes mounting pedestal
  2. MailboxWorks offers multi-purchase discounts
  3. Lowest possible prices
  4. Nationwide free shipping
  5. Commercial mailbox experts
  6. Complete line of CBU mailboxes and accessories

CBU Mailbox Comes with a Free Pedestal

The first reason developers and builders have come to rely on The MailboxWorks is because every CBU mailbox purchase includes a free mailbox pedestal. You will need the pedestal to install and mount the CBU mailbox so it only makes sense to include the pedestal with the purchase.

In an attempt to undercut the lowest possible online prices that The MailboxWorks offers, many start-up Internet retailers try to project a lower CBU price by selling the CBU mailbox unit separate from the mailbox pedestal. In the end, you will soon realize that this a-la-carte selling approach (where the CBU mailbox pedestal is not included) only makes the end price higher for the CBU mailbox and pedestal set.

Since 1989, The MailboxWorks has treated customers in the way we feel customers want to be treated: with respect, in fairness, and without bait-n-switch games, like hiding the pedestal from the pricing.

Multi-Purchase Discounts

Secondly, America’s builders and developers have recognized that The MailboxWorks extends discounts on CBU mailbox purchases, starting with the second unit purchased. This means that from the time you buy just a second Florence CBU mailbox unit, The MailboxWorks will offer you a discount. This is unique in a marketplace where unit discounts on CBU mailboxes are generally only extended on large orders of ten or more CBU cluster box mailbox units.

Lowest CBU Mailbox Price

The third reason developers and builders depend upon The MailboxWorks is that they have come to know and appreciate that we always sell USPS approved CBU cluster mailboxes at the lowest, best possible online prices, period.

Nationwide Free Shipping

Along with a free mailbox pedestal, the lowest possible prices, and volume purchase discounts, the fourth reason more developers and builders purchase CBU mailboxes from The MailboxWorks is because we also offer bonus savings of nationwide free shipping, on all CBU mailbox units we sell.

Commercial Mailbox Experts

Every time you contact The MailboxWorks you will find the professional help you need for the solutions you want, simply because our commercial mailbox representatives are unparalleled experts. Most North American developers and builders rely on us because they know they can always get the help they need to find the perfect CBU mailboxes for their properties.

Unlike Internet retailers who rely on a never-ending parade of employees at call centers who have never even seen a Florence CBU mailbox, our commercial mailbox representative are just a few yards away from the actual CBU mailbox units and can answer any of your questions.  While call center employees can only take your order, the mailbox representatives at The MailboxWorks can take the time with you to help you uncover the best commercial mailbox configuration for your needs.

Full Line of Florence CBU Mailboxes & Accessories

The sixth reason most North American developers and builders remain loyal to The MailboxWorks is because they know that we carry every possible configuration they may need, plus every accessory they could possibly want; all at the lowest possible prices.

Order your CBU commercial mailboxes from The MailboxWorks and our sales reps will only recommend the commercial mailbox configuration that best fits your situation, and if we don’t have what you need, we will help you find it.


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