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Residential Locking Mailboxes for Sale

Locking Mailboxes Prevent Mail Theft

Not only do residential locking mailboxes help keep your mail safe; they also help prevent mail theft and identity theft. Here we have almost four dozen post mount secure mailboxes to choose from.

If you still receive walk-up mail delivery and you are looking for mail security, we also carry a variety of residential secure wall mount styles. Along with classic, vintage, Victorian, and pedestal options, we also carry more contemporary and modern styles, including stainless steel.

Our mailbox experts know mailboxes better than any online retailer. So, if you need assistance or more information, please feel free to ask us.

Protect Your Sensitive Mail

Unfortunately, mail theft and identity theft have been on the rise. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, nearly half a million Americans have their mail and identities stolen annually. In most cases, these are preventable crimes that can be addressed by simply installing more secure mailboxes.

If you are worried about having sensitive mail stolen from your mailbox while you are at home or while you are away, then you should upgrade to a mailbox that can be locked or purchase a locking insert.

Whether you have a curbside post mount mailbox or a wall mount mailbox for walk-up delivery, a locking mailbox will help prevent mail theft. And protecting your mail means protecting your identity.

How does a locking mailbox work?

Most secure mailboxes consist of a slot (for USPS to drop off mail) and a secured or locked area where you eventually pick up the delivered mail using a key. This means that checks, bills, bank statements, and other confidential mail are protected. It also means less crime since mail thieves will stop coming back once they learn they can no longer access your mail.

Don’t be a victim. There are many secure options to choose from at MailboxWorks including curbside and secure wall mount mailboxes.

Types of Locking Mailboxes

Post Mount

Locking post mount mailboxes are very popular, come in a wide variety of styles, and most importantly: they will protect your mail. But they can also provide instant curb appeal for your home or property. For instance, check out this Imperial Locking Mailbox (and post) on Flickr.

The Mailboxworks carries nearly 4-dozen different styles of locking post mount mailboxes. Shop now and call us if you have any questions.

Pedestal Mount

Heavyweight, fortified, and weather resistant, locking pedestal mailboxes provide great value while adding charm to your home. Many of these products can be customized with your name or address. Please contact us if you have questions about adding address letter and numbers before buying.

Column Mount

Secure column mailboxes are beautiful and can be installed in most masonry column posts. Note: if you’re replacing an existing column insert mailboxes, be sure to check the specifications of the insert box you are planning to purchase.

These units are USPS approved and feature a keyless, hassle-free drop door mechanism for postal workers along with secure Anti-Pry keyed access for homeowners. Add an extra level of security to your curbside mail and package delivery with a fortified column mount mailbox.

Wall Mount

Locking wall mailboxes are designed for door-to-door walk up mail delivery in more urban settings and are usually mounted to a wall with easy access near the front door. They are your first line of defense against mail theft and can usually handle larger mail items such as magazines and small packages.

The Mailboxworks carries a variety of different styles including classic, Victorian, stainless steel, and modern in contemporary bright colors.

Still Have Questions?

Since 1989, we have been helping homeowners improve their home’s character while providing added protection for their mail and identity.

For assistance in buying, please call us or start a chat with one of our reps. If we are offline, feel free to submit a support inquiry here.