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Red Train Engine Novelty Mailbox$232.00free shipping
US Mail Truck Novelty Mailbox$232.00free shipping
57 Chevy Novelty Mailbox$232.00free shipping
Golf Cart Novelty Mailbox$264.00free shipping
School House Novelty Mailbox$277.00free shipping
Semi Truck Novelty Mailbox$232.00free shipping
Civil War Cannon Novelty Mailbox$337.00free shipping
School Bus Novelty Mailbox$254.00free shipping
59 Caddy Novelty Mailbox$235.00free shipping
33 Willies Novelty Mailbox$264.00free shipping

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Pine Hill Woodcrafts

Our large selection of Pine Hill Woodcrafts mailboxes and Woodendipity novelty mailboxes allows you to find the right type of novelty mailbox for any type of personality. The Mailboxworks carries fish mailboxes plus birds, automobiles, animals, and golf-themed novelty mailboxes. As the official Woodendipity mailboxes manufacturer, Pine Hill Woodcrafts prides itself in creating extraordinarily functional folk art and crafted functional wooden creations.

These novelty post mount mailboxes have graced thousands of homes across the United States over the last few centuries and only recently became available again. The MailboxWorks is an official dealer of Woodendipity mailboxes that start with a USPS approved mailbox that is wrapped in a plywood cage, and then covered with Western Cedar for a unique textured look. Woodendipity artists add realistic paint colors and multiple coats of polyurethane finish for added protection. Address personalization is also available for most of these post mount novelty mailbox products.

For more information about Pine Hill Woodcrafts mailboxes or any specific Woodendipity mailbox design please call us directly at (866) 717-4943. See all novelty mailboxes here.