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Mail Boss Mailboxes by Epoch Design

Protect yourself from mail theft and the headaches of identity theft with a Mail Boss locking security mailbox! Mail Boss is a division of Epoch Design. The company is based out of Redmond, Washington. They are dedicated to designing the most secure locking mailboxes that are superior in both quality as well as value. 

The Mail Boss locking mailbox is a result of Epoch’s President David Bolles having his mail stolen. It happened not only once, but two times within a few months. Bolles expected to find tons of locking mailboxes on the market. However, his search for high-quality, secure mailboxes turned out to be difficult. He finally determined that his own company had the resources to manufacture a truly secure locking mailbox solution.

Epoch Design launched its Mail Boss mailbox division in 2006. They have since grown and added several new secure mailboxes to their collection. Their line includes residential locking wall mounts, locking post mounts, and multi-mailbox post mount options. They even offer mailboxes with package secure receptacles. You are sure to give yourself more peace of mind with one of these mailboxes. So check them out!

For more information or for help ordering from The MailboxWorks, please call us directly at (866) 717-4943. See all our secure locking mailboxes here.