Large Mailboxes for Modern Needs: A Pandemic Guide

January 11, 2021

Social Distancing. Working remotely. Shelter in place. Distance learning. All of these terms have weaved themselves into our everyday lives since March of 2020. As we convert our homes into offices and schools, we also change our habits. The incoming business mail and outgoing packages are now originating from our homes. We at the MailboxWorks are willing to bet your current post box is not cutting it anymore. You need an upgrade to a larger mailbox!

Large capacity mailboxes have the following advantages over a standard post mount or wall mount post box:

  1. Letters, magazines, and small packages can lay flat
  2. Mail and packages can be delivered around the clock
  3. Mail and packages are in a locked location, safe from thieves
  4. Deliveries are inside a weather-proof unit
  5. Room for multiple days worth of mail and small packages

Here, we will highlight some of our favorite, quality large capacity post boxes. Click on the links to explore these products further, and make the right choice to fit your needs.

Architectural Mailboxes Centennial

Centennial Basic Post Decorative Rubbed Bronze

This post mount mailbox measures 11.9” high x 14.2” wide x 18.3” deep, making it almost square in design! It was named the Centennial because it is a prime example of the next generation of USPS approved post box size. This mailbox’s generously sized compartment receives mail, magazines, and packages to meet the needs of the modern customer. Paired with a matching surface-mount post, the Centennial by Architectural Mailboxes is an attractive way to level up your curbside mailbox game.

Whitehall Balmoral

Whitehall Balmoral Streetside Mailbox Package White

The Whitehall Balmoral mailbox measures 13” high x 13.625” wide x 21.25” deep. The Balmoral boasts nearly three times the space of a standard post mount post box. This product is made to handle all of your incoming and outgoing mail for your personal and business needs. You can customize your new Balmoral mailbox by choosing a color finish and post type as well as a front monogram letter, and side address panels.

Large Bacova

Bacova Post Mount Decorative Residential Mailboxes

The Bacova Decorative large post mount mailbox is 15” high x 11” wide x 23” deep. It is one of the biggest residential post boxes available to customers today. It is covered in a hand-laminated fiberglass wrap that resists harsh elements. This product also offers over 60 designs to choose from! Additionally, you may add an optional line of personalization on either side of the post box. The Bacova Decorative large mailbox is a great option for your upgrade to a high capacity post-mounted mailbox.

Mail Boss Package Master Locking Mailbox

Mail Boss Package Master Mailbox Granite

The Mail Boss Package Master Locking Mailbox is 16” high x 12” wide x 21.5” deep. This post box is an economical choice. It has an extra-large capacity for weeks worth of mail. It is also a locking mailbox with added “Mail Shield” technology. These features keep your packages and personal documents safe from fishing and mail theft.

Architectural Mailboxes Large Oasis

Large Oasis Locking Mailbox Standard Post

The Architectural Mailboxes Large Oasis locking mailbox is 20” high x 13.5” wide x 18.5” deep. Like the Mail Boss, the Oasis holds an extraordinary amount of mail and small packages. However, because it is slightly larger, it can also hold medium sized parcels. It is weather-proof and secure. These features make it a great fit for someone looking for a way to protect both their packages and their mail.

dVault Parcel Protector Vault Pedestal Mount

dVault Parcel Protector Vault Pedestal Mount

This product is the largest mailbox on a pedestal mount that is available to homeowners. It is truly an amazing unit! It measures 34.25” high x 14.5” wide x 14.5” deep. This dVault mailbox is more than twice the height of any other big post mount mailbox. It is considered to be the “perfect curbside solution for mail and package delivery applications”. This secure locking package post box allows deliveries to be dropped into the mail slot easily. Outgoing mail is simply clipped on the inside of the drop door. Choose a color finish and post style to match your home’s aesthetic.

Buy Your Mailbox from the Experts

Turn to our highly experienced experts to answer your questions. Please call us toll-free at 1-866-717-4943 or contact us with questions or for help ordering any of our products. Let’s upgrade your mailbox today!

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