Wall Mount Mailbox Installation: 4 Things to Consider

August 13, 2019

Whitehall Wall Mount MailboxAlthough there are a myriad of options when purchasing residential wall-mount mailboxes, many people still have questions about how to install a wall-mount mailbox properly.

You don’t need any special skills for DIY wall-mount mailbox installation; however, in this article, we guide you through crucial factors to ensure your wall-mount mailbox not only enhances your home’s curb appeal but functions optimally.

  1. Weatherproof Placement: Ensure your mailbox is shielded from harsh elements.
  2. Visibility: Position your mailbox where it’s easily seen from a window or door for convenience.
  3. Installation Height: Follow guidelines for the correct height, ensuring easy access.
  4. Postal Regulations: Always check with your local USPS office prior to installation to comply with their requirements.

1. Protect Your Wall Mount Mailbox from the Weather

First, you should consider where you want to install a wall-mount mailbox so that the location provides protection from inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain, and strong winds. While many wall-mount mailbox designs provide inherent features that protect the mail from the elements, you shouldn’t have to stand out in the wind or rain to retrieve your mail. For DIY wall mount mailbox installation, try to choose a location that is protected by a wall, alcove, overhang, or other architectural feature of your home.

Ecco Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Mount2. Can You See Your Mailbox from Your Window or Door?

Many wall-mount mailbox designs have window-type features that allow you to see whether your mail has arrived or not, so keep this in mind. Are you unsure about how to install a wall-mount mailbox near your home’s entrance? Your home mailbox should be viewable from inside a nearby window, door, or peephole. Install the wall mount mailbox in a convenient location where you don’t even have to open the door and step outside to see if your mail has arrived. If your mailbox has a viewing window, you might also want to consider whether or not your wall-mount mailbox installation will make it visible from the street or sidewalk. There is no need to broadcast to potential mail thieves that your mail has arrived.

3. Know the Proper Wall Mount Mailbox Installation Height

Because many wall mount mailboxes are located on porch areas or front door steps, you will need to consider the wall mount mailbox installation height from two perspectives:

  1. The mailbox height for the postal carrier
  2. The mailbox height for the homeowner

With a DIY wall-mount mailbox installation, the location might include steep steps. If the mailbox is installed at a level that coordinates with the highest step, it may only make it easier for the homeowner. However, it’s also important to install a wall-mount mailbox at a height that does not create a hardship for your postal carrier, who may be reaching to deliver your mail from a lower step. So consider choosing a wall mount mailbox installation height that takes both users into consideration. For more information on wall mount mailbox height, check out the USPS mailbox guidelines page.

4. Check with Your Local Postmaster Before Installing

Finally, do you know how to install a wall-mount mailbox in a new location (different from your current mailbox location)? It is recommended that you first consult with your local postmaster. You will need postmaster approval for the new location and to ensure that your mailbox installation complies with USPS regulations and rules.

Picking the Right Wall Mount Mailbox

Properly installing a wall-mount mailbox starts with picking the right mailbox. Fortunately, the MailboxWorks offers a wide selection of popular models for you to choose from!

About MailboxWorks

For over three decades, Mailboxworks has been North America’s leading online supplier for both commercial and residential mailboxes, including column mount, post mount, and wall mount mailboxes.

Need more help on how to install a wall mount mailbox properly? Be sure to check out our other article on Wall Mount Mailbox Options.

For more information about ordering, or about DIY wall mount mailbox installation, please email or contact The MailboxWorks at 1-866-717-4943, or send us a message through our online contact form.


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