Five Best Options Your Wall Mount Mailbox Should Have

August 25, 2015

Gaines Eagle Wall Mount MailboxMost homeowners appreciate how simple and easy it is to install and utilize a residential wall mount mailbox but for some, in their haste to replace a wall mailbox (or install a new one), they might not stop to consider some of the most valuable features now available to them.

In this article, we will reveal the top five options available for today’s residential wall mount mailboxes including:

  1. Rust-free aluminum mailbox construction
  2. Secure locking mailbox
  3. Mailbox address numbers
  4. Mailbox flag
  5. Mailbox newspaper holder

Aluminum Cast Mailbox Construction

One of the most often overlooked options available to homeowners seeking to replace or install a wall mount mailbox is the advent of rust-free cast aluminum materials that provide superior protection against the elements plus near maintenance-free upkeep.  Prior to the introduction of aluminum cast mailboxes, intemperate weather conditions could quickly rust out even the most attractive, well-made metal mailbox.  But today, most quality wall mount mailboxes are constructed of cast aluminum, a valuable, and maintenance free feature.

Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

The next key option available to discerning homeowners looking for a secure wall mount mailbox is the addition of a secure mailbox lock. Due to a steady increase in identity theft and mail theft across the nation, a secure locking mailbox is a simple feature that can provide the peace of mind that only comes with knowing that the mail your postal carrier delivers is the mail you pick up.

Mailbox Address Numbers

A third and often overlooked modern mailbox feature is the addition of matching mailbox address numbers to identify your home’s address.  Often crafted from the same materials as the wall mount mailboxes (or in a material that’s designed to complement your wall mount mailbox), matching mailbox address numbers provide a finishing touch to any residence.

Mailbox Flag

Fourth, the ubiquitous mailbox flag that signals the postal carrier that one has mail to pick up is also available on many wall mount mailboxes available at The MailboxWorks.  On days when you postal carrier may otherwise skip your home because you have no mail to be delivered, this little mailbox red flag can be easily flipped up when you have outgoing mail placed in your mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up. The carrier will always receive a visual clue that he or she still needs to visit your wall mount mailbox even if no mail is to be delivered.

Mailbox Newspaper Holder

The fifth option is for homeowners who receive newspaper delivery. Many wall mount mailboxes are also available with an under-mounted newspaper holder that easily attaches to the mailbox, so that one’s newspaper can be delivered at the same height as one’s mail. For homeowners who wish to avoid hunting in their yard or bending over upon their porch, this clever wall mount mailbox newspaper holder provides a simple solution.


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