Tips On How to Mount A Wall Mount Mailbox

November 12, 2012

Fleur De Lis Wall Mount MailboxA wall mount mailbox installation takes more than just having the right tools and mailbox mounting hardware.

You also need to make sure your wall mount mailbox installation conforms with USPS mailbox guidelines.

While wall mount mailboxes are among the easiest residential mailboxes to install, in this blog The Mailboxworks offers three helpful tips on how to mount a wall mount mailbox properly including:

  1. Choosing the best location for you and your mail delivery person
  2. Confirming the mailbox location with your local Postmaster
  3. Using the proper mailbox mounting hardware

Install Wall Mount Mailbox In the Right Location

Location is perhaps the most important aspect because it must not only be easily accessible for you, but the mailbox also has to be conveniently located and accessible for the postal delivery person.

The MailboxWorks recommends that you:

  1. Place your home address numbers on or near the wall mount mailbox
  2. Make sure the wall mount mailbox is visible from the road
  3. Install your home mailbox within easy reach from your walk, steps, or porch
  4. Make sure your wall mount mailbox is visible from a window or door of your home

In most cases your new wall mount mailbox installation will be where your old mailbox was initially located. However, be sure to also consider the viewing angle of your mailbox from inside the home. Can you see if your mail has been delivered or not?

Homeowners report that they feel more secure and less frustrated when they don’t have to make multiple unnecessary trips outside to see if they have mail.

Ecco 6 Locking Wall Mount MailboxGet Postmaster Approval Before Your Wall Mount Mailbox Installation

Many of us in North America are very fortunate to still have walk-up mail delivery so it’s vitally important to get postmaster approval before you install a new wall mount mailbox or change the location of your new mailbox installation.

While the United States Postal Service does not regulate the mounting height for wall mounted mailboxes, the height for your mailbox installation needs to be convenient for the postal carrier as well for those retrieving the mail.

We recommend that you verify the intended mailbox height and location with your Postmaster first and make sure the location you choose is set along normal walk-up route already serviced by your postal carrier.

Use the Proper Mailbox Hardware

Whether you mount your mailbox on a brick wall or on vinyl siding, it’s important that your home mailbox be mounted with the proper attachment hardware, according to the mailbox manufacturer’s installation instructions.

This is especially true for secure locking wall mounted mailboxes since mail theft and identity theft have become so prevalent in recent years.

Ask the Mailbox Experts in Your Area

Still have questions about how to do a wall mount mailbox installation properly? If so, we strongly recommend getting more detailed expertise from a local mailbox installer or handyman in your area.

Simplify Your Mail Access with Wall-Mount Mailbox Installation

Wall-mount mailboxes offer a stylish, space-saving solution for easy mail access right at your doorstep. Ideal for homeowners looking to blend functionality with design, these mailboxes not only save space but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Installation is straightforward, providing a quick and efficient way to secure your mail, with options available to match any home style and personal preference.

Choosing a wall-mount mailbox from Mailbox Works means opting for convenience without compromising on style. Whether you’re updating your home’s look or installing a new mailbox for the first time, our selection ensures your mail is accessible and secure.

Discover the perfect wall-mount mailbox to complement your home’s facade. Visit Mailbox Works for a wide range of options or call us at 1-866-717-4943 for expert guidance on selecting and installing your new mailbox. Explore Wall-Mount Mailboxes | Seek Installation Help


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