Streetscape Solid Brass Mailboxes: Timeless Appeal

November 23, 2016

A solid brass mailbox by Streetscape is fabricated in-house by gifted artisans who are highly skilled at handcrafting and hand finishing maintenance free brass mailboxes.

Choose a brass Streetscape mailbox from the following:

  • Streetscape Solid Brass Mailbox Post Mount
  • Wall Mount Streetscape Mailbox (Horizontal or Vertical)
  • Recessed Streetscape Solid Brass Mailbox
  • Streetscape Executive Wall Mount Mailbox Slot

If you are a homeowner looking for a beautiful solid brass mailbox made in the USA, you’ll love our Streetscape family of residential mailboxes. Every solid brass mailbox comes with stainless steel hardware and all are handmade and crafted with “Made in America” pride. Streetscape Incorporated is nestled in a sunny alcove between Sunset Beach and Southern California’s 405 Freeway.

View all our Streetscape mailboxes for sale online at The Mailboxworks.

Streetscape Westchester Mailbox Craftsman PostStreetscape Solid Brass Mailbox Post Mount

The Streetscape Westchester post mount mailboxes are hand cut and welded from heavy gauge solid brass sheeting and bar stock. Like all Streetscape mailboxes, the finished product has a solid, refined feel to it and may be ordered with or without a variety of post options including Standard, Craftsman, Newport, or Capistrano mailbox post.

The natural solid brass finish is uncoated and designed to naturally age over time with a timeless antique patina finish. The full scope of brass patina may vary with copper hues ranging from reds and pinks, to browns, and even to beautiful shades of Verde.

For homeowners that want a unique post mount mailbox, but one that is also secure, the Streetscape Westchester solid brass mailbox can be ordered with an optional locking insert to help protect against mail and identity theft. Matching brass mailbox numbers are also available for the front of the mailbox door to add that final touch.

Streetscape Huntington Wall Mount MailboxWall Mount Streetscape Mailbox

The MailboxWorks also carries both vertical and horizontal Streetscape Huntington wall mount mailboxes. The Huntington solid brass mailbox is also hand made by artisans using hand cut solid brass sheeting and hand welded for durable construction.

Each solid brass mailbox is distinctly one-of-a-kind and created to look like they’ve always belonged in the environment in which they’ve been mounted. The natural finish develops a beautiful patina that both darkens and dulls with age, and brass house numbers can also be selected in the same patina finish.

There’s also an optional lockable version of the Huntington wall mount brass mailbox that comes with two keys and a tamper proof mailbox slot.

Streetscape Gateway Recessed Mount MailboxRecessed Streetscape Mailbox

Streetscape Inc. also makes two versions of their residential recessed brasss mailboxes including the square Streetscape Gateway mailbox and the rectangular (vertical) Streetscape Courtyard mailbox. Both residential brass mailboxes feature an incoming mail door constructed of heavy-gauge solid brass that opens outwardly for ease of both mail delivery and retrieval.

The Gateway and Courtyard recessed brass mailboxes can be inserted into either a column or wall.

Available online through The MailboxWorks, the Streetscape recessed, solid brass mailbox offers a classic look with its uncoated natural brass finish. This finish will age beautifully over time into a very desirable rustic patina with full range of colors from pinks and yellows to blue-greens and browns.

Streetscape recessed brass mailboxes are also available in a locking version and can be adorned with brass house numbers in the same natural patina finish as the solid brass mailbox.

Streetscape Executive Mail SlotWall Mount Streetscape Mailbox Slot

For homeowners that like that natural patina finish but want a door mounted (or wall mounted) mail slot, The MailboxWorks also carries the Streetscape Executive mail slot mailbox.

This brass mail slot mailbox is also hand crafted and detailed with patchwork-style welding to create a long-lasting, maintenance free mail slot that will not only look timeless but endure through the years.

Streetscape Executive brass mail slots arrive ready-to-install, complete with a solid brass mail chute that is eleven inches wide and four inches high, and large enough to accommodate larger envelopes and small packages.

Matching brass house numbers with the same patina can also be ordered and welded directly on to the mail slot mailbox door.

Still Have Questions about Streetscape Mailboxes?

For more information about any of our solid brass mailbox options by Streetscape Inc., or if you wish to place an order, please call our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943 or contact The Mailboxworks online.

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