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Streetscape Mailboxes

The MailboxWorks carries a huge selection of Streetscape mailboxes. Streetscape Incorporated is based out of California. It specializes in solid brass mailboxes. These residential mailboxes are either post mounted or wall mounted.

Solid Brass

Each hand-cut and welded Streetscape mailbox is made from a heavy gauge solid brass. The welded seams are reinforced. Therefore, these mailboxes are highly durable. Brass also naturally ages. It starts out looking shiny with shades of reds, browns, pinks, as well as yellows. These colors darken and dull over time. Ultimately, the brass transforms into a beautiful antique patina. This transformation guarantees no two brass mailboxes will look the same. Order your brass address numbers at the same time as your mailbox so they can age simultaneously!

Above all else, these Streetscape mailboxes require zero maintenance. That is to say natural brass does not need any cleaning or polishing. You don’t need to do anything to it after installation. It is the perfect mailbox!

Streetscape Posts

Streetscape posts all come in a manilla tan color. They are made from aircraft-grade aluminum as well as cast aluminum parts. Additionally, each part of the post is seam welded. This type of welding results in the appearance of a uniform post. Streetscape mailbox posts have a lot of other customizable details. There are many varieties of finials, bases, and brackets. Furthermore, mailboxes may be top mounted or side-mounted.

Locking Options

Most of Streetscape’s mailboxes come with a locking insert option. Locking mailboxes reduce mail theft and identity theft. Moreover, they provide you with security and peace of mind. Each lock comes with two keys.

The MailboxWorks sells several more Streetscape mailbox products. We carry their line of recessed mailboxes, wall mount mailboxes, as well as letter slots. Click here to see our complete line of brass mailboxes.

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