Safety and Style: Multi-Unit Mailbox Guide

September 26, 2011

Florence 4C Mailboxes InstalledAs multi-housing unit developers, architects, builders, and property managers seek to find ways to differentiate their new or renovated housing or commercial tenant project in a market that is widely oversaturated, every amenity and property feature purchase decision is often carefully scrutinized. And yet, one widely overlooked property feature that is regularly used by every tenant, the multi-unit commercial mailbox, can have a significant impact on both the signing of new tenants and the retention of current tenants.

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

Most tenants may not notice when a developer places their multi-unit apartment mailboxes according to the four safety factors unveiled in this article, but tenants do notice when these commercial mailboxes (often called CBU Mailboxes or Horizontal Mailboxes) are placed where safety is compromised. And once a tenant begins to feel unsafe, property managers must act quickly or risk slippage in tenant retention.

The best approach is to utilize these four important safety factors upon the initial placement of the multi unit commercial mailboxes so that unsafe feelings or real danger never presents itself on ones’ property. These four safety factors can also be adhered to in renovation or replacement projects.

1.  Group Commercial Mailboxes in a Circular Mail Center

Grouping mailboxes is the first of the four important safety factors. Grouping is best resolved at the design phase of the multi-unit complex. By grouping the multi-unit mailboxes in a large circle or “U-grouping” rather than isolating them in smaller groupings or placing them linearly, one creates a well-enjoyed connection place that will greatly contribute to a sense of community at the complex.

Circular or “U grouping” placement of CBU mailboxes or horizontal mailboxes not only allow tenants to “accidentally” meet and develop friendships with other tenants, a large circular mailbox placement creates a far superior zone of safety than isolated multi-unit mailboxes. Tenants who walk up and utilize commercial mailboxes that are installed in linear fashion can access their mailbox and walk away. But in a circular or “U-grouping”, even if one tenant does not pass through other mailboxes en route to their mailbox, they are likely to run into another tenant passing by their mailbox.

And as any safety consultant will explain, strong communities where tenants know each other and look out for each other’s interests are one of the greatest deterrents to thievery, vandalism, and physical assaults. Criminals focus their efforts where they have the least exposure and chance of getting caught – on isolated areas where no one else is likely to come. Grouping mailboxes in a circular or “U-grouping” provides a strong sense of safety that will endear tenants to your property and repel criminal elements. (Note:  As with all commercial mailbox placements, check first with your local postmaster for approval of the location you most desire.)

CBU Mailboxes Installed2. Provide Strong Lighting for Commercial Mailbox Groupings

The second important safety factor in the placement of multi-unit mailboxes for residential or commercial use is best resolved at the design phase of the multi-unit complex and it is certainly an element that can be added in a renovation or improvement phase as well. Whether commercial mailbox units are located indoors or outdoors, strong lighting is a major deterrent to thieves, vandals, and those who might assault a tenant. And for tenants, providing a well-lit area for your commercial mailboxes also contributes several other benefits to one’s tenants: ease of use in inserting one’s tenant mailbox key, the ability to quickly sort through and/or view one’s mail, and a friendly space to connect with other tenants.

3. Number Tenant Mailboxes in a Manner That Does Not Correspond to Their Tenant Unit

The third key safety factor is best considered when placing the order for new commercial mailboxes. While it may seem intuitive to match the tenant unit numbering (apartment or tenant unit number) to the tenant’s mailbox door number, security consultants will quickly counter that this practice invites burglary – not mail theft, but actual invasion into the tenant unit. Why? Because thieves look for signs that a tenant is on vacation or away at a conference and one of the easiest ways to spot tenants that are away is by noting telltale signs at the tenant mailbox center.

For commercial mailbox units with small windows in each tenant mailbox, one quick look around can provide all the information a thief would need to know as to which tenant unit to target. Even mailbox units without the telltale window provide subtle clues for discerning thieves. Little mail delivery notices left by well-intentioned postal carriers, notes left by friends, or advertisements placed by market-focused companies in the area – that pile up on one particular mailbox while others are unadorned – declare clearly to anyone with unkind motives that this particular tenant has been away for a long time.

The simple step of creating a separate numbering system for tenant mailboxes that does not correspond to the tenant units and ordering the new commercial mailboxes with such numbering from The MailboxWorks, one can create a safer property for tenants. And when thieves strike elsewhere, tenant retention is secure. Learn more about how to number CBU Cluster Mailboxes.

4. Specifying Units for Your Property That Are Equipped With Extra High Security Options

The final safety factor should also be considered during your order process with The MailboxWorks. For CBU mailboxes, also called cluster mailbox units, the extra high security they provide is an inexpensive route to mitigating break-in damage to the units themselves and preventing mail or identity theft for your tenants. For extra high security, CBU mailboxes feature thicker aluminum construction on the mailboxes themselves as well as a protective collar on each individual tenant compartment lock. Plus, the extra high security CBU mailboxes are equipped with heavier reinforced gate crossbars and USPS tamper-resistant bolts that further thwart mail theft or identity theft.

Learn more about the Advantages of High Security Cluster Mailboxes or find more tips on Cluster Box Mailboxes Configuration.

Streamlining Mail Solutions with Multi-Unit Commercial Mailboxes

As we round off our discussion on multi-unit commercial mailboxes, it’s clear that these systems are integral to managing mail efficiently in business environments. They offer a centralized solution that simplifies mail distribution, enhances security, and supports the organizational needs of various commercial settings, from office buildings to apartment complexes.

Simplify Your Mail Management

Explore our selection of multi-unit commercial mailboxes designed to cater to the demands of modern businesses and residential communities. Whether you’re looking to improve mail security, streamline the distribution process, or provide a convenient mail collection point, our range offers durable and practical solutions.

If you’re in the process of optimizing your mail delivery system, our experts are here to assist you in selecting the right multi-unit commercial mailbox that aligns with your property’s requirements. For guidance or to take a closer look at our products, contact us at 1-866-717-4943 or through our contact page. Visit MailboxWorks today to discover how our multi-unit commercial mailboxes can enhance the efficiency and security of your mail management system.

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