The Advantages of High Security Cluster Mailboxes

November 4, 2013

Florence 12 Door CBU MailboxRegardless of whether you operate business complexes or condominiums or apartment buildings, one of the most popular solutions for secure mail delivery are USPS approved cluster mailboxes.

There are three major reasons why commercial cluster mailboxes and apartment cluster box mailboxes are such an excellent solution for mail delivery – they are:

  1. Affordable
  2. Secure
  3. Prevent mail theft

Pedestal Cluster Mailboxes are Inexpensive

First, cluster box unit mailboxes are one of the most inexpensive mailbox solutions for multi-unit complexes – especially when installation labor and ongoing maintenance is considered.

Instead of purchasing and installing individual mailboxes for each tenant, pedestal cluster mailboxes are mounted on a post with four bolts securing the post to the ground.  In the same time one can mount a single mailbox, an entire cluster of eight to sixteen mailboxes can be mounted cutting the labor costs significantly.

Not only does one cut labor costs significantly (between 87% and 94% savings!) but the ongoing maintenance requirements are also immediately reduced.  Instead of cleaning or weeding around eight to sixteen mailbox posts, there’s just one to maintain, leading to ongoing maintenance savings year after year.

 High Security Cluster Mailboxes

Second, commercial cluster mailboxes create a secure package delivery destination for holiday packages, everyday package deliveries, and home-based businesses.

Instead of tenants hoping that a package left on their door step or beside their single mailbox will stay safe, outdoor locking cluster mailboxes feature a special package delivery box grouped with the tenant mailboxes so that those tenants who are receiving packages can rest easily with the knowledge that their package is secure.

Cluster Mailboxes Prevent Mail Theft

Third, high security cluster mailboxes have the proven ability to thwart mail theft.

While traditional mailboxes leave themselves wide open to thieving hands, locking cluster box unit mailboxes clamp down on mail theft since every tenant’s mailbox in the cluster mailbox is secured by lock and key.

Additionally, simply by the mere fact that cluster mailboxes are grouped together, the opportunity for mail theft is significantly reduced.

After all, a thief can easily identify when a tenant goes to retrieve their mail from a specific mailbox, but when eight to sixteen people have unlimited access to their cluster box mailboxes, a thief never knows when someone might come to these cluster mailboxes to retrieve their daily mail.

And since both apartment cluster mailboxes and commercial cluster mailboxes feature a secured outgoing mail slot, tenants need not fear that a thief will steal their outgoing mail.


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