Improve Mailbox Security – Avoid Mail Theft & Vandalism with a Locking Mailbox

August 2, 2019

What is the best locking mailbox for mailbox security? And, how can you prevent mail theft and from vandalism?

Not all mailboxes are theft-proof. But for this post, our mailbox experts offer suggestions on how to choose the best mailboxes for preventing mail theft. We will also look at which locking mailboxes are best for deterring vandalism.

Remember, you can prevent mail theft (and most related vandalism) if you keep security “top-of-mind” when buying or upgrading your mailbox. And we are happy to offer guidance to our shoppers.

How to Prevent Mailbox Theft

Go to Google News and type in “mailboxes” and you will find all kinds of news stories across America about mailbox theft due to the lack of mailbox security.

For instance, on July 29, 2019, WXYZ News in Detroit Michigan ran the headline: Novi Police Search for Thief Who Took Mail Right Out of Mailboxes.

Here are a few other headlines from across the nation that profile mailbox theft:

July 26, 2019KFDM News in Beaumont Texas: Sheriff Says Thieves Targeting Rural Mailboxes for Outgoing Checks

July 23, 2019WTHR News in Indianapolis Indiana:
Sheriff Investigates Thefts from Mailboxes in Greenwood, Bargersville

July 18, 2019NBC12 in Richmond Virginia:
Richmond Woman Pleads Guilty to Stealing Checks from Mailboxes

July 7, 2019Kansas City News:
Opened Mailboxes in Olathe Neighborhood Investigated by Police

Gaines Keystone Mailboxes Locking Insert

On some residential mailboxes like the Keystone Mailbox, you can buy a locking mailbox insert (pictured here). The mailbox insert is a lockable insert box that adds a high level of mailbox security to your curbside mailbox.

The locking Amco Victorian Pedestal Mailbox is solidly constructed from tough cast aluminum. It’s also a large residential mailbox that features a heavy-duty, locking, rear access brass door.

How to Prevent Mailbox Vandalism

There are also plenty of headlines from across the nation that profile mailbox vandalism:

July 29, 2019Freemont County Idaho
Wilford Mailboxes Damaged Over the Weekend

July 16, 2019Abingdon Virginia: Washington County Investigates Vandalism of Mailboxes

July 7, 2019Burlington Vermont: 20 Mailboxes Smashed in North Danville

AMCO Victorian Pedestal Mailbox Black

You can find plenty of locking residential mailboxes that are built tough enough to withstand the efforts of vandals.

For instance, The MailboxWorks carries the Mail Boss post mount locking mailbox. It offers exceptional mailbox security since it is made of galvanized welded steel and comes with an anti-pry latch. This Mail Boss mailbox is virtually impenetrable.

There’s also the Oasis Drop Box mailbox, which is ideal for home-based businesses that want the ultimate in mailbox security. This is a commercial grade mailbox that can handle a lot of mail as well as small parcels.

If your mailbox is set in a column, you might want to consider the hand welded and cut Streetscape Gateway recessed locking mailbox, which features a heavy gauge solid brass door with lock.

Mail Boss Mailboxes

Order Secure Mailboxes from The MailboxWorks

In 2019, The MailboxWorks is celebrating 30 years as one of North America’s leading suppliers of residential mailboxes. If you still have a question about mailbox security or need help ordering a secure residential mailbox, please contact us through our online request a quote form or by calling toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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