The Paradox of the Antique Mailbox

December 5, 2011

Imperial 311 Mailbox SystemIn the tree-canopied, refined neighborhoods of America, not every homeowner seeks bright and shiny adornments for their residence.  Homeowners residing in historic or older parts of town struggle with a paradoxical challenge when it comes to maintaining their property.   Because of the age of their homes, many adornments – including Residential Mailboxes – must be replaced.  Yet, modern, contemporary mailbox styles clash with the stately dignity of their residences and would simply compete for attention rather than complement the architecture.

Enter replica antique adornments such as residential Antique Mailboxes by The MailboxWorks.  These well-crafted antique style mailboxes nestle gently into the landscape and architecture of an older or historic home.  The antique reproduction mailboxes perfectly fit the context of the home and appear as if they have been in place for decades (except they have all the technological advances, durability, and consumer features of a modern residential mailbox).  Thus, residential antique style mailboxes by The MailboxWorks provide the best of both worlds:  historic mailbox styles, such as antique mailbox with pedestal, copper steamer truck mailboxes, Victorian mailboxes and Colonial locking mailboxes, but with today’s modern advancements.

The MailboxWorks carries dozens of these residential antique style mailboxes with specific types for all four major applications:

  1. Post Mount Antique Mailboxes
  2. Wall Mount Antique Mailboxes
  3. Pedestal Antique Mailboxes
  4. And Column Mounted Antique Mailboxes

If one’s application is a street side, post mount residential mailbox, the antique mailbox styles include:

–       The near-maintenance-free Imperial 311 Antique Mailbox and Post which has the ornamental appearance of a mailbox from the Victorian age

–       The highly decorative, inscrolled Imperial 119 Antique Mailbox and Post

–       The cleaner yet still Victorian lines of the Imperial 888 Antique Mailbox and Post

–       The stately attractive Victorian look of the Imperial 631 Antique Mailbox and Post

–       And the horse and stagecoach Victorian embellished Imperial 227 Antique Mailbox and Post

These five Imperial mailboxes are available in seven different finishes that perfectly suit the architectural colors of older homes.

For residences styled in the Craftsman look, consider the Westchester post mount mailboxes or Oxford solid brass residential mailboxes by Streetscape.  These residential mailboxes arrive with a maintenance-free fine polished antique patina finish with shades of red and brown that darken and dull uniformly with time.

If one’s application requires a wall mount residential mailbox, the antique mailbox styles include:

–       The old world look of two cherubs facing each other at a fountain placed on a plaque on the locking door of the Ecco 6 Victorian Wall Mount Mailbox (available in six antique-style colors)

–       The fine simpler lines of the Gaines Decorative Wall Mount Mailboxes (available in black, white or bronze with either an antique bronze, polished brass or satin nickel front placard – an American eagle or Canadian maple leaf)

–       The Colonial Locking Wall Mount Mailbox which mounts vertically

–       And the Frank Lloyd Wright styling of the handmade vertical or handmade horizontal copper wall mount antique mailboxes

Of course, there are several other residential antique mailbox styles to choose from in addition to the above-named residential mailboxes.

For applications that require a residential pedestal mailbox with that antique look, consider either:

–       The Amco Corporation Victorian Locking Pedestal Mailbox featuring the classic Pony Express design and a swinging brass mailbox slot with the solid embossed word “LETTERS”

–       Or the Gaines Classic Pedestal Mailbox with more brass features such as the flag, mail drop door, access door and brass ring around the pedestal.

–       In addition, consider the Victorian styling and stand-alone durability of the Ecco 8 Tower Mailbox.  However, take note that the Ecco 8 Tower mailbox is designed for use for walk-up door delivery service rather than streetside delivery.

For applications that require column mounted residential mailboxes, consider the Manchester Column Mount Antique Mailbox pictured on The MailboxWorks website. The Manchester is pictured inset into a stucco adorned column but can be inset into any style of column including a more classic brick or stone column.

Also available are the Streetscape Executive mail slot, the Streetscape Courtyard recessed mailbox, and the Streetscape Gateway recessed mailbox.  All three of these models are crafted from high quality natural and maintenance-free brass that arrives in a beautiful, one of a kind, patina finish.  Inset into a brick or stone column or residence wall, these Streetscape residential column mounted antique looking mailboxes will appear like they’ve been around for decades.

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