Auth Florence Mailboxes for Sale

MailboxWorks carries a wide selection of Auth Florence commercial mailboxes for sale. Our selection includes recessed and surface mount horizontal and vertical mailboxes, pedestal CBU cluster box units, and 4C or 4B+ commercial mailboxes for either USPS serviced or Private mail delivery.

For more than a century, Auth Florence Manufacturing has been a leading manufacturer of commercial mailboxes for indoor and outdoor centralized mail delivery systems, including mail drop boxes for package distribution and collection.

Florence CBU MailboxesFlorence CBU Mailboxes

Here are some of the important things to consider when selecting CBU Florence commercial mailboxes:

Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices significantly when choosing CBU Florence commercial mailboxes. If USPS will be delivering your mail, your CBU mailboxes must be fitted with a proper Postal Master Lock so that the mail carrier can gain immediate access to all mailboxes.

Florence Private Distribution MailboxesPrivate Distribution Mailboxes

Auth Florence Mailboxes also makes an excellent line of front and rear loading 4C mailboxes, and 1600 Series and 1700 Series horizontal mailboxes for private mail distribution. If your office building, college dormitory, or multi-tenant building does not require USPS servicing and will have private mail distribution, the 1600 and 1700 Series Florence horizontal mailboxes come with anywhere from 21 to 72 doors and between 7 and 12 door units high!

Auth Florence private distribution 4C mailboxes are not serviced by USPS and are designed for multi-tenant complexes where a mailroom manager services the mail. These private distribution Florence commercial mailboxes are available with up to 29 tenant doors.

All multi-tenant Florence commercial mailboxes have a master door allowing the mail carrier to open one door and distribute mail to all the tenants at once. They also have a mailbox slot so people can drop off outgoing mail for carrier pickup.

Florence Vertical Mailboxes

Generally used in smaller multi-tenant buildings, Auth Florence vertical mailboxes are front loading 4B+ compliant mailboxes that can be fully recessed mounted or surface mounted. Auth Florence vertical mailboxes are made with strong compartment locks and tamper resistant master doors for a high degree of security. Although they meet USPS security standards, vertical mailboxes can only be utilized as replacement mailboxes for renovation projects.

Auth Florence 4C Mailboxes

For new commercial construction, Auth Florence manufactures 4C horizontal mailboxes that meet specific USPS height requirements. 4C Florence commercial mailboxes must meet the US Postal Service standards for postal carrier accessibility, which went into effect in October 2006.

Florence 4C commercial mailboxes are required for all new construction and for major renovations that use centralized USPS delivery.

Need Help Ordering Florence Commercial Mailboxes?

While Auth Florence mailboxes are manufactured to meet USPS postal requirements, MailboxWorks carries a huge selection with different styles and models. No matter what your distribution or mounting method may be, or the number of tenant mailboxes you may require, we have exactly what you need to meet your specifications.

For more information about the Auth Florence commercial mailboxes or for assistance in placing an order, please call us anytime toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

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