CBU Pedestal Florence Cluster Mailboxes

CBU Commercial Cluster Mailboxes

Front loading, CBU Florence Cluster Mailboxes (cluster mailbox units mounted on a pedestal) are utilized in many residential and commercial complexes. Pedestal CBU cluster mailboxes are ideal as community mailboxes for outdoor centralized mail distribution that includes both mail and parcel delivery.

Outdoor CBU mailboxes can either be serviced privately or by USPS postal services, but must meet or exceed the latest USPS standards.

CBU Florence cluster mailboxes are officially licensed for use by USPS. The “F” series has been chosen by USPS as the official design standard for all commercial mailboxes.

Horizontal CBU mailboxes have been utilized in many residential and commercial multi-unit complexes. Commercial properties that install horizontal CBU mailboxes include universities, colleges, business and industrial parks, plus government and military complexes.

Top Security Features In All Florence Cluster Mailboxes

Florence Mailboxes Mail Slot GuardFlorence Manufacturing is now offering the same high-security features across all their models of CBU Florence cluster mailboxes.

These “high security” cluster mailboxes include a vandal proof design that is highly resistant to break-in damage and mail theft. For instance, the mailbox door gate on all Florence CBU cluster mailboxes is constructed with thicker steel crossbars.

Also, the CBU mailbox cabinet features heavier gauge, aircraft grade aluminum construction, and the commercial mailbox compartment locks are constructed with a unique security collar for added protection.

You also have the option to obtain a private master lock for your CBU Florence cluster mailboxes if your project will be using private mail delivery services and the cluster box units won’t be serviced by USPS.

CBU Cluster Mailbox Door Configurations

The doors on all Auth Florence CBU Florence cluster mailboxes are built with full 360-degree, wrap around hinges and the master loading doors are highly resistant to prying because of the interlocking overlapping seams.

Door numbering options provided by The MailboxWorks include number decals, engraving and black fill engraving.

Florence Manufacturing also manufactures USPS approved CBU cluster mailbox units in a number of different door configurations including:

8 door Cluster Mailboxes

12 door Cluster Mailboxes

13 door Cluster Mailboxes

16 door Cluster Mailboxes

Also each CBU cluster box mailbox system includes the following:

• Individually numbered tenant mailbox doors

• Parcel locker for package delivery

• Master door prepared for USPS postal lock installation

• Mail slot for outgoing mail collection (includes an interior mail slot guard)

CBU Cluster Mailbox Options & AccessoriesCBU Mailboxes Decorative Options

All our CBU Florence cluster mailboxes include weather-resistant, powder coat finishing in a variety of colors such as forest green, postal grey, dark bronze, black, white, and sandstone, to name a few.

To dress up your CBU cluster box mailboxes, The MailboxWorks also carries Architectural decorative options and Vogue CBU die-cast aluminum decorative mailbox accessories such as CBU roof caps with ball finials, decorative post bases, and pillar pedestal covers with crown molding.

Ask Us About CBU Florence Cluster Mailboxes

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