What to Consider When Looking for a Locking Mailbox

June 29, 2020

Are you searching for a locking mailbox? Perhaps you have been the victim of mail theft. Maybe you need a high-security mailbox to handle your business’s sensitive materials, or maybe you would like one less thing to worry about. The MailboxWorks carries locking mailboxes in many styles and types. Let us discuss your options and what to consider when looking for a locking mailbox

Step 1: Choose Your Mounting Type

Our locking mailboxes have three different mounting types – wall mounted, post mounted, and freestanding. You can contact your local USPS location with any questions about the kind of mail delivery you have. This will determine the mount type you will need for the mailbox you are looking to replace or buy new.

1. Wall Mount – Wall mount mailboxes are required in USPS zones with walk-up mail delivery. Mail and small packages are delivered by a postal worker. The USPS has strict guidelines for how a wall-mount mailbox should be installed.

America's Finest Wall Mount Locking Door
America’s Finest Wall Mount Locking Mailbox

2. Post Mount/Curbside – Post mount mailboxes are required in USPS zones with curbside mail delivery. Mail and small packages are delivered by a postal worker. The USPS has strict guidelines for how a post-mount mailbox should be installed.

3. Free-standing/Package & Parcel Drop – Freestanding or package drop-boxes are also known as pedestal mount mailboxes. These types of collection boxes follow much of the same guidelines as post-mount mailboxes. The USPS has strict guidelines for how a freestanding mailbox should be installed.

Salsbury 3450 Collection Box Black
Salsbury Collection Box

Step 2: Choose a Size

After you have narrowed down your search based on mounting type, you can then choose how large or small you need your locking mailbox to be. Customers who check their mail daily and rarely receive large packages may go for a traditional locking mailbox size. Most of our top-selling standard mailboxes come with a no-fuss locking insert option.

Special Lite Locking Insert
Special Lite Locking Insert

Customers who travel often and need their mailbox to store large packages, multiple packages, or multiple days’ worth of mail should look at our large capacity locking mailbox options. You will find that almost all of our large dropboxes and package collection mailboxes come standard with a locking mechanism.

Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunk Red
Architectural Mailboxes Elephantrunk Parcel Box

Step 3: Rear Access vs. Front Access

The next step is to choose how you would like to retrieve your mail. The most common type of mail retrieval is front-access. Front access means you get your mail by opening a door on the front side of the mailbox.

Rear access mailboxes let you retrieve your mail through a door on the backside of the mailbox. Customers like that they can get their mail safely without stepping into the street.

Step 4: Customize and Personalize

Our customers can customize their locking mailbox in many ways. You can choose your mailbox color, metal accents, and your mailbox’s design. You may also personalize your mailbox with an address plaque and other fine details.

The experts at The MailboxWorks provide professional guidance. We can help you with the ordering process. For more information about these locking mailboxes, please send us an email or call us toll-free at 1-866-717-4943

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