Choosing the Perfect Mailbox: 8 Stylish Options

June 26, 2020

Finding the right mailbox style is important. You can easily enhance your curb appeal by choosing a mailbox that compliments your home or business’s architecture. The MailboxWorks makes this process even easier with expert help and affordable pricing. Let’s discuss the variety of mailbox styles we carry.

1. Antique Mailboxes

Antique mailboxes are functional and charming.

Antique mailboxes are a great choice! With the rise in popularity of the farmhouse style, many people are opting for this style of mailbox to complete the look. Our collection of antique mailboxes offer a good variety of old-world charm while still being highly functional. No matter how far back in time you want your mailbox to represent, you can find what you are looking for here.

2. Modern Mailboxes

Modern mailboxes are timeless.

Modern mailboxes are the perfect solution for contemporary homes and businesses. They remain timeless, giving you the biggest bang for your buck. Sleek designs and minimalist lines sometimes make guests ask, “Is that really a mailbox?” Our collection of modern mailboxes offers a wide range of bold colors and unique shapes to complement any contemporary landscape.

3. Victorian Mailboxes

Victorian mailboxes are intricately detailed.

From free-standing ornate mailbox designs to wall mount floral mailbox designs, you can to find a Victorian-style mailbox for your needs. Our collection of victorian mailboxes is intricately detailed, with beautiful hand-painted or embossed designs. They showcase gold accents and a variety of antique finishes. These mailboxes are stunning and sturdy.

4. Rustic Mailboxes

Rustic mailboxes have rural designs and naturally-aged metals.

Rustic mailboxes have some overlap with antique mailboxes. However, they tend to lean more toward the rural side of their designs. Our collection presents mailboxes that have beautiful designs as well as well built foundations. Customers can choose from rustic colors and naturally-aged metals. We are sure to have the perfect rustic style mailbox to match your home’s aesthetic.

5. Colonial Mailboxes

Colonial style mailboxes will perfectly match your shaker home.

If you seek a mailbox to match your shaker home, then we have the perfect collection of colonial-style mailboxes for you. These mailboxes showcase sturdy woodworking, neutral colors, and elegant yet simple designs. Muted metallics and clean lines will complement any New England home or business while remaining sturdy and timeless.

6. Luxury Mailboxes

Luxury mailboxes offer a lavash array of customization.

We find the most luxury in the most detailed personalization and customization, not in the price point! Our collection of luxury mailboxes is cost-effective while still offering an array of lavash options. These mailboxes have packages that are pre-determined for the sake of easy shopping. They also offer build-your-own packages that are fully customizable. Not only can you choose from different finishes, monograms, side panels, post cuffs, and planter hooks, but you can also pick your own type of post, topper, and newspaper holder. And that isn’t even everything you can choose!

7. Unique Mailboxes

Unique mailboxes are quirky and fun.

Be sure to stand out with our collection of quirky and unique mailboxes! These kinds of mailboxes are an easy way to infuse your own personality into the neighborhood. Our novelty styles are built around sturdy steel mailboxes. The designs themselves are carved from wood or manufactured material and are often hand-painted for a truly distinctive look. Customers can choose from animals and trains as well as buildings and anything in between.

8. Traditional Mailboxes

Traditional mailboxes get back to basics.

The MailboxWorks carries a variety of traditional mailboxes curated for someone looking for a simple, no-frills kind of mailbox. Our collection of traditional mailboxes are clean-cut and well built. Functionality is the top priority here without sacrificing aesthetics. You are sure to find a great combination of minimalist detailing and simple function to match your home or business. Get back to basics!

Final Thoughts: Choose Your Style with Confidence

Selecting the right mailbox is more than a functional decision—it’s a reflection of your personal style and the character of your home. With a variety of mailbox styles ranging from classic to contemporary, there’s a perfect match for every homeowner’s taste and architectural preference. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of traditional mailboxes, the sleek lines of modern designs, or the unique charm of novelty mailboxes, the key is to choose one that complements your home and meets your practical needs.

Remember, your mailbox is one of the first impressions your home makes. By selecting a style that resonates with you, you not only enhance your curb appeal but also make a statement about your home’s identity. Explore our collection at Mailbox Works to find the mailbox that best suits your style and functionality requirements.

Embrace the opportunity to express your style through your mailbox choice. For personalized assistance in finding your ideal mailbox,please send us an email or call us toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

Let’s ensure your mailbox makes the right statement. Discover Your Ideal Mailbox Style | Reach Out for Expert Guidance

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