Top 3 Traditional Secure Wall Mounted Mailbox Options

January 24, 2019

The mailbox experts at The MailboxWorks have chosen their top three traditional style, locking, secure wall mounted mailbox options.

While some stainless steel and modern designed locking wall mount mailboxes may be trending, many homeowners still prefer a more traditional style mailbox. Most want a mailbox that will compliment and blend in with their home’s older architectural style.

If you are a homeowner looking for a locking wall mount mailbox with that old fashioned look, you might want to consider one of the following three secure wall mounted mailbox options:

  1. Ecco 6 Victorian Wall Mounted Mailbox
  2. Gaines Eagle Wall Mounted Mailbox
  3. Whitehall Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

Ecco 6 Locking Wall Mount MailboxEcco 6 Victorian Mailbox

The Fuoriserie Ecco 6 is a Victorian style secure wall mounted mailbox and among the finest in environmentally conscious mailbox designs. Expertly designed with old world charm, it is finely crafted from recycled die cast aluminum. This locking secure wall mounted mailbox is not only a wise choice for the planet but also an attractive, long-lasting mailbox for your residence.

Because of the aluminum construction of Ecco 6 mailboxes, they are 100% resistant to rust and are designed to look great even after providing years of service.

Other bulkier residential mailboxes can often protrude out from the wall of the home. The Ecco 6 wall mount mailbox however, has a slim, more aesthetic design. Its generous dimensions (12 ¼” by 17 ½”) will still allow homeowners to receive regular deliveries of mail and larger envelopes, magazines, or periodicals.

The Ecco 6 locking mailbox also has a sturdy lock mechanism that is crafted from a rust-resistant brass alloy. Two keys are provided with the Ecco 6 purchase. (A local locksmith can easily make any additional keys required.)

Available in black, bronze, and rust brown powder coated finishes, these Ecco 6 Victorian secure wall mounted mailboxes are sure to please today’s most discerning homeowners.

Gaines Eagle Wall Mount MailboxGaines Eagle Wall Mailbox

Traditionally designed to adorn the residences of American patriots, the Gaines Eagle secure wall mounted mailbox is offered in as many as twelve stunning color combinations. You can choose black, bronze, or white, with options for different colored faceplate accents.

Crafted of rust-free cast aluminum and powder coated for long-lasting durability, the Gaines Eagle wall mounted mailbox has an established look, making it a perfect choice for not only patriots, but also veterans.

The mailbox lock comes with two keys and the top mailbox access door is designed to stay open when needed. The mailbox door is also padded so it can close quietly.

There’s also a collection of Gaines address plaques available that are designed to compliment the Gaines Eagle locking wall mount mailbox.

Whitehall Wall Mount MailboxWhitehall Wall Mount Mailbox

The name Whitehall is recognized as a leader in residential mailbox manufacturing. The large Whitehall secure wall mounted mailbox provides superior mail capacity and excellent durability against the elements and daily use.

This locking wall mount mailbox features an all-new Alumi-Shield protective coating, which is available in three colors, black, bronze, and white. This Alumi-Shield protective coating ensures that the Whitehall mailbox finish will always look new.

An attractive address plaque can also be customized with your house address numbers and displayed on the face of this Whitehall locking mailbox. The address plaque will accommodate up to 5 three-inch house numbers on one line in a size that is easily readable from the street. As well, up to 11 characters and numbers can be displayed on two lines including your street number, street name, or your family name.

Need Help Choosing A Secure Wall Mounted Mailbox?

If you have questions or need more information about our traditional secure wall mounted mailbox options, or about any of our traditional residential mailboxes, please call our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943 or contact The Mailboxworks online.


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