Secure Package Delivery with A Package Friendly Mailbox

January 15, 2019

North Americans now do so much shopping online that having a secure package-friendly mailbox is more of a necessity than a luxury.

In this blog post, our mailbox experts at the MailboxWorks will look at secure package-friendly mailbox options for homeowners and why you should consider these large capacity residential mailboxes if you run a home-based business.

You Can Fit More in A Large Capacity Mailbox

The standard size for a residential mailbox has been updated by USPS several times over the last century. In 2001, USPS mailbox specifications were updated again so that residential mailboxes need to fall within the following parameters:

a. Minimum 18.5” deep by 6.25” wide and 6” high
b. Maximum 22.75” deep by 11” wide and 15” high

Visit this USPS PDF file on the History of Residential Mailboxes to learn more.

A secure, locking, large capacity mailbox is a package-friendly mailbox and many of today’s residential mailbox manufacturers have been quick to keep up with the demand. Below are a few of the large-capacity mailboxes we recommend here at the MailboxWorks.

Mail Boss Package Friendly Mailbox

The Mail Boss Package Master mailbox is an affordable, curbside, large capacity mailbox that is available with either an in-ground post or a surface mount post. This is a high-security USPS-approved mailbox that is large enough to handle plenty of mail, plus large envelopes and small packages. The Mail Boss Package Master is a package-friendly mailbox made from galvanized steel and features an anti-pry latch to deter mail theft.


Elephantrunk Parcel Drop Mailbox

The Elephantruck mailbox is a locking, high-security parcel dropbox by Architectural Mailboxes. It is designed to hold oversized mail and multiple packages (a package can be up to 11.5” by 9.3” by 7.3” in size). The Elephantruck mailbox features a uniquely designed anti-theft rotating drum and an anti-pry 3-point locking system.


Oasis Drop Box Mailbox

Also manufactured by Architectural Mailboxes, the Oasis Drop Box mailbox is the perfect package-friendly mailbox for small parcels, large envelopes, and receiving mail for home-based businesses. The Oasis mailbox is both weather and vandal-resistant and features a large hopper door designed to receive packages and large quantities of mail.


dVault Parcel Protector Collection Vault

This curbside, pedestal-mounted Parcel Protector Vault mailbox by dVault Mailboxes is a secure locking mailbox and package drop box combination. It is USPS approved and constructed from 16-gauge, heavy-duty galvanized steel. It also features a patented anti-pry double hook posi-lock.


Wall Mount Drop Box Mailbox Options

If you have a residential wall mount mailbox and want to upgrade to a larger capacity wall mount residential mailbox, check out our selection of wall mount drop boxes and collections boxes. You’ll find package-friendly mailbox options by Epoch Designs, European Design, dVault Manufacturing, Architectural Mailboxes, Florence Manufacturing, and Salsbury Industries.


About MailboxWorks

As America’s leading online mailbox retailer, The MailboxWorks has serviced both residential and commercial mailbox customers across North America since 1989. We also offer a wide selection of mailbox address plaques and home address numbers plus unique home and garden products.

If you still have questions about package-friendly mailboxes or need help placing an order, please call one of our mailbox experts toll-free at 1-866-717-4943 or send us an email.

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