Collection & Mail Drop Boxes for Sale

Mailbox Works carries a wide selection of secure Mail Drop Boxes and USPS approved collection boxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing.

Mail drop boxes for sale are designed for commercial use but can also be utilized for home business use or for use in multi-unit complexes.

USPS mail collection boxes for sale are often found along side commercial mailboxes. When utilized for private use mail collection boxes come with a set of 2 keys. For USPS postal delivery service the mail collection boxes come prepared for the installation of a postal master lock.

Many of our mail drop boxes and mail collection boxes can be customized to your needs. We can also personalize them with front or side lettering or engraving.

dVault Collection Vault Drop BoxMail Drop Boxes

Designed for outdoor use, the post mounted Oasis Mail Drop Box by Architectural Mailboxes is vandal proof and weather resistant. The large hopper door at the top doesn’t need a key to receive small parcels or letters. The secure bottom access door however is equipped with key entry and can be personalized with custom lettering or engraving.

Post mount Oasis mail drop boxes can also be purchased in dual mount and tri-mount configurations.

Mailbox Works also carries the secure Front Access Drop Box with removable tote, designed for receiving large quantities of mail. You can even purchase additional totes.

Mail Collection Boxes

Ask us about our Auth Florence Letter Drop and Collection Box, a through-wall combination designed for commercial or home use. We also carry Auth Florence Horizontal Style Mail Collection Boxes designed for indoor use and to accompany commercial 4C horizontal mailboxes.

Mailboss Package Master Drop BoxMail & Package Delivery Vaults

Curbside mail delivery vaults feature heavy duty construction to keep incoming packages, parcels, magazines and letter mail safe. Our dVault delivery vaults are USPS approved for mail and package receiving. The parcel door on this Curbside Mail Drop Box is keyless and features a swinging design that allows packages to be deposited safely and securely.

These exterior collection boxes are also equipped with an angled floor panel that is dimpled, providing ample drainage in the event of leaking packages.

Mailbox works carries small post mounted mail delivery vaults plus larger curbside Column Mount Mail Collection vaults by dVault. Some models are designed with both incoming and outgoing mail compartments.

For those with a home based business that still enjoy walk up delivery, we also carry the dVault Wall Mount Delivery Vault Mailbox, which is designed to fit between wall studs for recessed installation.

Ask Us About Mail Drop & Mail Collection Boxes

For more information about mail drop boxes or mail collection boxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing, please call Mail Box Works toll free at 1-800-824-9985 or Contact Mailbox Works.

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