The Genius of Customizing Whitehall Mailbox and Post Package

January 8, 2018

Whitehall Balmoral Post Mount MailboxIf you enjoy curbside mail delivery and you are thinking of customizing your mailbox, you might want to consider the genius of the Whitehall custom mailbox and post package.

On practically any given workday, most Americans make the routine trek from their car or home to their curbside mailbox. Out of those who are lucky enough to still get curbside mail delivery, only a few will consider customizing their road side residential mailboxes in order to better meet their needs.

Whitehall Custom Mailbox Advantage

Even before all the customizable features enter into the fray, The Whitehall custom mailbox and post package provides a distinct advantage over the standard mailbox.

Larger Mailbox Size – Whitehall mailboxes start with 20% more mail storage room inside the mailbox, which means your mail is less likely to spill out onto the street. With 20% more room for mail, Whitehall customizable mailboxes provide the space you need inside your mailbox for a few days worth of mail. This can be very helpful if you are away on a short business trip or vacation. See this USPS Mailing Standards page for more info on domestic mail.

Alumi-Shield Coating – The Whitehall custom mailbox and post package also comes standard with the innovative Alumi-Shield coating on the mailbox exterior. This means that the finish on your mailbox is extremely durable and will help protect your mailbox to keep it looking just like you bought it, year after year.

Whitehall Custom Mailbox PackageCustomizable When Ordering

What attracts most homeowners to the Whitehall custom mailbox and post package how they can be customized during ordering. Nearly every Whitehall mailbox ordered can be as different and as unique as it’s homeowner.

  1. Choice of four stunning finishes: black, bronze, green, or white
  2. Three post mounting options:
    Standard Mailbox Post where the mailbox is mounted on top of the mailbox post
    Deluxe Mailbox Post with a finial on top of the post for added architectural flair
    Superior Mailbox Post where the Whitehall mailbox is mounted along the side of the post so it reaches out into the street making the mail carrier’s delivery easier and more convenient

Mailbox Address Plaque Options

Once the Whitehall custom mailbox finish and mounting system are selected, you can then choose how to display your mailbox address upon the Whitehall curbside mailbox so that mail is correctly delivered.

  1. Front mounted address plaque that displays your house number upon the door of the mailbox.
  2. And/or side address plaque in either one or two lines of copy that display the house numbers, street name, and even family name if so desired upon the sides of the Whitehall mailbox.
  3. Another unique option to Whitehall residential mailboxes is the arched and mounted mailbox topper that can also display your house number and street address or your family name.

Other Customizable Options

Mailbox Post Cuff – One of the most popular options for the Whitehall custom mailbox package is the mailbox post cuff. The cuff slips over the mailbox post at the base (ground) level so that the unsightly intersection between post and ground can be discreetly covered up.

Mailbox Newspaper Holder – A newspaper holder is also available to those who order the standard mailbox post configuration. The newspaper can be slipped easily into a sleeve that is mounted beneath the Whitehall custom mailbox. Only postal carriers can utilize the actual mailbox portion of the mailbox. The mailbox newspaper holder is designed to avoid violating US Postal Service codes. The mailbox newspaper sleeve allows a legal and dual use of the mailbox post by providing a safe and legitimate place to deliver one’s daily or weekly newspaper or periodicals.

Still Have Questions About the Whitehall Custom Mailbox?

The MailboxWorks has been serving customers across North America since 1989. We are now one of North America’s leading online retailers for customizable mailboxes for residential and commercial use.

To learn more about customizable Whitehall post mount mailboxes or for help placing an order, please call one of our mailbox experts toll free at 1-866-717-4943 or send us an email.

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