Buying a Mailbox from The MailboxWorks: 4 Key Perks

August 31, 2015 4:58 pm

Janzer Mailbox With Post And CuffWhere to buy a mailbox and who you are buying from, is as important as the type of mailbox you buy.

Let’s face it; buying a mailbox is a rare and infrequent event. In fact, most homeowners will purchase only a few mailboxes in a lifetime, if any at all.

So, it may be hard to find anyone to offer any sort of advice about where to buy a new mailbox and what is the best mailbox to buy for your needs. Even if you have purchased a residential mailbox in the past, it may have been so long ago that you cannot remember the important aspects of what to look for, how to choose, and where is the best place to buy a mailbox.

For all these reasons and more, this article will review the four key reasons why The MailboxWorks, the nation’s largest residential mailbox supplier, ought to be your trusted mailbox source…the best place to go to when you need to buy a post mount or wall mount mailbox. These four key reasons include:

  1. The best mailbox selection
  2. A vendor with a long successful history
  3. Service beyond your purchase
  4. The most competitive mailbox prices

Widest & Best Mailbox Selection

The first reason you should buy a mailbox from The MailboxWorks is selection. Residential mailboxes are semi-permanent fixtures; outdoor accessories that are not changed from year to year. When it is time for you to buy a mailbox, choose a vendor that offers the widest selection of choices for your family’s needs. The MailboxWorks offers a wide variety of mailbox styles, mountings, colors, and functions including:

  • Wall mount mailboxes
  • Post mount mailboxes
  • Column mount mailboxes
  • Multi-mount mailboxes
  • Through the wall mailboxes
  • Novelty mailboxes
  • And More!

We are confident you will find more residential mailboxes to choose from at The MailboxWorks than in any other online store.

Mailbox Supplier Since 1989

A mailbox supplier with a long proven history is the second reason you should buy a mailbox from The MailboxWorks. In an age where trust is built through decades of successful transactions, you will want to entrust your mailbox purchase to the store that has sold hundreds of thousands of mailboxes since 1989.

Unlike start-up websites that have no physical address (and no brick and mortar store or warehouse), The MailboxWorks is a real store with a strong online presence. We are a residential mailbox provider that knows and understands every mailbox we sell. And, when you decide to buy a mailbox from The MailboxWorks, our mailbox experts can literally walk across the aisle of our store and physically touch the mailbox of your choice.

Knowing that you can pick up the phone and talk directly to one of North America’s foremost experts on residential mailboxes (and commercial mailboxes for that matter), you will gain a trust in knowing that you are buying the perfect mailbox for your needs.

Service Beyond the Purchase

The third reason you should buy a mailbox from The MailboxWorks is service. For every mailbox purchase at The MailboxWorks, service also extends beyond the sale. The MailboxWorks is first and foremost a company that wants to serve you. So, when your mailbox arrives and you have a question about installation or USPS regulations, you won’t be speaking to someone in a call center who is reading from a computer monitor. You will encounter a team of mailbox experts who has focused their lives on serving customers that have every mailbox need imaginable.

Best Possible Mailbox Price

The fourth reason you should buy a mailbox from The MailboxWorks is price. Price alone should never be the determining factor in any purchase but whether you are buying a new mailbox from one of The MailboxWorks’ premier brands or from a more economical mailbox selection; you will receive the absolute lowest price, period.

Where you choose to buy your mailbox from is the most crucial decision you will make in your purchasing process. Call the experts at The MailboxWorks first at 1-866-717-4943 for the best selection, best service, and best prices.

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