Stucco CBU Mailbox Centers: 6 Reasons Why They Are Popular

December 24, 2012

Florence 13 Door Stucco CBU MailboxOne of the major challenges each developer or property manager faces is how to create a distinctive community that improves salability or tenant retention.  And one of the most economical approaches to achieving those goals is to transform ordinary CBU mailboxes into decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers, available through The MailboxWorks QualArc specialists.

Here are six reasons why stucco CBU mailbox centers are so successfully utilized by property managers and developers. Stucco CBU mailboxes are:

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Customizable
  3. Built to Last
  4. Safe to Use
  5. Available to Fit All Four CBU Mailbox sizes
  6. Architecturally Pleasing

Easy to Install Stucco CBU Mailboxes

First, decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers are easy to install. They can be put into place by two maintenance personnel in about thirty minutes since the stucco CBU mailboxes arrive in ready-to-install condition and can be assembled in just a few steps. It simply is one of the fastest ways to upgrade the look of one’s centralized mail delivery systems that feature CBU mailboxes.

Customizable Options

Second, decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers are infinitely customizable and can match the architectural color scheme of any tenant center or development with no more than a coat of exterior paint. For those who desire pre-painted stucco CBU mailboxes, three distinctive choices are available; Burnt Tuscan, Sandstone, or Slate Gray. Consider creating stunning contrasting looks with dark-colored stucco CBU mailbox centers and light-finished CBU mailboxes. Or do the reverse with light-colored stucco CBU mailbox centers and dark-finished CBU mailboxes inside.

Built to Last

Third, decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers are durable and built to last. These prefabricated mailbox columns are constructed of an easy-to-handle foam core with an exterior grade surface that is designed to last just as long as stucco coverings on a typical home or building. Of course, inside each stucco column are secure Auth Florence CBU mailboxes constructed from heavy-duty extruded aluminum with stainless steel hinges.

Stucco CBU Mailbox Centers are Safe

Fourth, decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers are safe. In the unlikely event that a tenant should have an accident on an icy or slippery road and hits the stucco CBU mailboxes, these units are designed to crumble upon high velocity impact, which can significantly reduce potential injuries due to collisions.

Stucco Columns Fit All 4 CBU Mailbox Sizes

Fifth, decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers are available in all four sizes of CBU mailboxes. They can be purchased to fit:

  1. 8 door CBU mailboxes
  2. 12 door CBU mailboxes
  3. 13 door CBU mailboxes
  4. 16 door CBU mailboxes

All one needs to do is to specify the number of tenant mailboxes required for one’s stucco CBU mailbox center.

Stucco CBU Mailboxes are Architecturally Pleasing

Sixth, decorative stucco CBU mailbox centers are architecturally pleasing and bring a matchless beauty to one’s development or business center. And attractive stucco CBU mailboxes mean tenants linger just long enough to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings, which creates chance encounters with other tenants and the potential for well-developed relationships (a major key to tenant retention and community pride). Plus an ascetically pleasing gathering place makes a strong appeal to those new individuals or businesses considering a purchase or lease opportunity in your community.


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