Refined Beach Design: The MailboxWork’s Streetscape Brass Mailboxes

November 14, 2011

Streetscape Westchester Post Mount MailboxThe MailboxWork’s Streetscape Mailboxes are manufactured in Southern California equidistant between the fast-paced 405 Freeway and the laid-back sand and surf of Sunset Beach.  This environmental dichotomy is reflected in the design of Streetscape brass mailboxes:  the fit and finish of solid, high quality brass materials and the uniqueness of unique, handcrafted, laid-back finishes.

All Streetscape brass mailboxes are manufactured with hand-cut, heavy gauge solid brass.  The handcrafted aspects of these residential Streetscape mailboxes are meticulously inculcated.  For example, Westchester mailboxes, like the Streetscape Mailbox with Capistrano Post, feature over 150 individual spot welds.   Even the hinges are crafted from solid brass and have that strong, sure feel found only on the highest quality Residential Mailboxes.

These Streetscape maintenance-free brass mailboxes are designed to darken and dull over time.  Even in communities that feature multi-mount mailboxes for the entire neighborhood, the Streetscape brass mailboxes provide both an ascetic design uniformity and unique patina finish.

Much of the quality of the Streetscape brass mailboxes is reflected in the fine details:  the mailbox flags sit erect to signal the postal carrier and slide smoothly up and down because of the use of nylon sleeves to insulate the mounting hardware.  The brass mailbox door not only features a continuous hinge but also a magnetic catch to ensure the mailbox is securely closed to protect one’s mail.

Streetscape Huntington Wall Mount MailboxThe wide varieties of Streetscape mailbox post styles are also well crafted.  These mailbox posts differ significantly from the in-ground, wood post installs most manufacturers specify.  Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum stock as well as cast aluminum, Streetscape post components are bead-welded along the entire seams which create a uni-body look and feel. Anchor bolts are used for mailbox post installation and all hardware is stainless steel.   Four Streetscape mailbox posts are offered:

  1. Top-mounted Standard/Basic mailbox post, which differ only in the optional brass address plaque
  2. Side-mounted Newport mailbox post, which features a finial top
  3. Side-mounted Capistrano mailbox post with its classic brass cap
  4. Side-mounted, Craftsman squared-off mailbox post

Streetscape also offers wall-mounted brass mailboxes such as the horizontal Streetscape Huntington Mailbox and the vertical Streetscape Manhattan Mailbox.  As well, recessed brass mailboxes in both square and vertical styles are available.

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