The Special Lite Floral Mailbox with Bradford Post

September 6, 2017

Special Lite Floral Mailbox Bradford PostThe Pinnacle of Elegant Floral Design

Special Lite Products makes the classic looking Special Lite Floral mailbox with Bradford post. This is an excellent investment if you are a homeowner that wants a residential mailbox and post set to match the classic architecture of your home.

This Special Lite Floral mailbox is expertly constructed of solid cast aluminum and then professionally powder coated to provide years of maintenance-free, rustproof service.

Special Lite Floral Mailbox Styling

The hallmark of the Special Lite Products Floral mailbox is in the elegant styling.

This classic mailbox features a deeply embossed leaf design draped along all mailbox sides. The mailbox door also features a stunning design that you’ll appreciate every time you collect your mail. There’s a stylish triad leaf design at the peak of the mailbox door that doubles as a door handle to open your post mount mailbox.

This unique Special Lite Mailbox is available in twelve architecturally pleasing finishes (Swedish silver, Verde green, white, burgundy, black, champagne, copper, evergreen, frosted umber, gunmetal, hand rubbed bronze, and mocha).

Available online at The Mailboxworks, Special Lite Products Floral post mount mailbox will provide a unique contrast to the ubiquitous standard post mount mailbox in black. They are all hand-finished so each Floral mailbox is sure to be a unique, one-of-a-kind work of functional art.

Double Door Mailbox Option

Beyond the beauty and long-lasting construction, the Special Lite Floral mailbox also offers a unique option. You can purchase a double door mailbox version that will allow you to retrieve you mail safely from your yard or while still inside your fence. You won’t even have to step out into a busy street to retrieve your mail.

As an added convenience, each mailbox door will close easily and stay shut during inclement weather. This is because they feature both a magnetic catch (to secure the door) and a rustproof hinge to ensure that each door always closes smoothly.

Special Lite Locking InsertMailbox Locking Insert Option

You can also purchase a locking mailbox insert with an angled flange on the inside that prevent criminals and miscreants from reaching in and accessing your mail before you do. Locking mailbox inserts help to protect you from identity theft and mail theft (Note:  the locking insert functions only with a single-entry door mailbox).

Bradford Mailbox Post

Perched beautifully upon the Romanesque Bradford mailbox post, the Special Lite Floral mailbox is both physically secure and architecturally satisfying. The Bradford post features a fluted lower post cover that flares to cover the unsightly intersection of ground and mailbox post. Under the fluted lower post cover is a smoothed round mailbox post that connects securely to the Special Lite Floral mailbox.

About The MailboxWorks

As the nation’s leading online supplier of residential mailboxs, The Mailboxworks offers shipping to any location within the continental United States.

If you have any questions about the Special Lite Products or their post mount Floral mailbox, or if you require assistance to place an order, please email our experts or call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943.


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