3 Multi Family Mailboxes for Residential Use

August 1, 2017

Mailbox Solutions for Multi Families & HOAs

As a developer or a property manager for your homeowner’s association, buying and installing locking residential multi-family mailboxes is not only cost-effective but can also add to each home’s resale value.

In this post by The MailboxWorks, North America’s leading online retailer of residential multi-family mailboxes, we will look at your three best options for either new multi mailbox installations or for replacing existing multi-family mailboxes including:

  1. Oasis Locking Mailboxes
  2. Gaines Keystone Mailboxes
  3. Whitehall Multi Mount Mailboxes

Oasis Mailbox With Dual Standard PostOasis Locking Mailboxes

If you are primarily concerned with helping your residents avoid mail theft, package theft, or identity theft, then we recommend Oasis locking mailboxes, which are available in medium and large sizes.

The residential multi-family mailboxes are equipped with a large hopper door and an access door, and both are securely sealed with rubber to keep out rain and dust. Oasis locking multi-mount mailboxes are significantly helpful for residents who regularly receive small packages. They can be installed as a single mailbox or in groupings of two, three, or four multi-unit mailboxes per post.

Multi mount mailbox groupings are suggested as they significantly reduce both material and labor costs as only one post is needed for up to four Oasis locking mailboxes.

Gaines Keystone Mailboxes Tri Mount PostGaines Keystone Mailboxes

If you are a developer or HOA property manager who is primarily concerned with maximizing the architectural impact and ascetic beauty of your multi-family mailboxes we suggest the industry-leading Gaines Keystone multi-mount residential mailbox units.

Gaines residential multi-family mailboxes offer fine design details and a wide variety of mailbox body finishes and accent colors. This helps to propel the Keystone multi-mount residential mailboxes to the most elite choice available among multi-mount mailboxes today.

Keystone multi-mount mailboxes come standard with two posts that can hold up to five residential mailboxes per set.

Additionally, as one might expect, the Gaines Keystone mailboxes are also available with matching address plaques that can be customized for each homeowner’s house number and mounted beneath each mailbox (as shown).

The double mailbox posts also come with beautiful matching curved braces that can also be specified to deepen both the strength and beauty of this popular set of multi-unit mailboxes.

Whitehall Mailboxes Quad PostWhitehall Multi Mount Mailboxes

For homeowner associations and developers who are seeking the greatest value for their investment, Whitehall multi mount mailboxes are a wonderful marriage between beauty and value.

The Whitehall multi-unit mailboxes are generously sized to allow them to hold small packages and several days worth of mail.  As an added feature, the generous sizing allows those with magazine subscriptions to receive their periodicals without having to roll or curl the magazines (the generous size of the mailbox simply allows the magazines to lie flat).

With five choices of mailbox colors (black with gold letters, black with silver letters, bronze with gold letters, white with gold letters, and green with gold letters) plus other options like under-mount newspaper holders and post cuffs (to hide the unsightly intersection of post and ground), the Whitehall multi-mount residential mailboxes offer all the bells and whistles of the most elite mailboxes but at an affordable price point.

Still Have Questions About Residential Multi-Family Mailboxes?

If you still have questions about residential multi-family mailboxes, please send us an email or call our mailbox experts toll-free at 1-866-717-4943.

HOA managers may also be interested in our related blog article entitled, “Three Key Tips for Choosing Multi Unit Mailboxes.”

More in-depth information can be found on the Standards Governing the Design of Curbside Mailboxes.


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