HOA Multi Mount Mailboxes

June 6, 2016

Three Key Tips for Choosing Multi Unit HOA Mailboxes

Gaines Eagle Keystone Mailbox Pentad PostBuying HOA mailboxes for your homeowner association can help HOAs and property management groups make a significant improvement in their subdivisions and the additions that they oversee.

HOA multi unit mailboxes, which are also known as multi mount mailboxes, are groupings of two to five post mount mailboxes on a single or dual mailbox post.

The multi unit mailbox grouping gives HOA’s and property managers a unique opportunity to provide the residents in their community with an attractive mailbox upgrade while significantly reducing the installation cost, since the alternative would be to install a separate post mount mailbox for each address.

Of course, HOA’s and property managers know that the decision of which type of multi mount mailbox system to select is not an insignificant one, as residents will utilize their mailbox several times a week.

In this blog article, the mailbox experts at The MailboxWorks provide three key tips for selecting the best multi unit mailbox system for your HOA (or addition under management), which include:

  1. Choosing Multi Unit Mailboxes for the lot size
  2. Architectural considerations
  3. Choosing a mailbox Vendor

Multi Unit Mailboxes According to Lot Size

The first tip is to consider the lot sizes in your HOA or subdivision since the larger the lot size the longer the distance will be to where the multi mount mailboxes are installed.

Single Mount Mailboxes – Lot sizes of five acres or more are typically not suitable for a multi mount mailbox systems because of the distance each homeowner has to travel to retrieve their mail. In these cases, if HOAs or property managers in large lot subdivisions want to create uniformity, then a single post mount mailbox should be utilized for each homeowner.

Dual Mount Mailboxes – HOA lots over two acres but less than five acres can utilize a dual mount mailbox post system such as the Whitehall Decorative Mailboxes with Dual Mount Post System or the Keystone Mailboxes with Double Deluxe Mailbox Post. The dual mount mailbox post can simply be mounted at or near the property line between each lot so that each neighbor’s daily walk to the mailbox is as short as possible.

Triple, Quad, and Quintuple Mount Mailboxes – In neighborhoods where lot sizes are between half an acre and one to two acres, a triple mount mailbox post system often provides adequate coverage and usability for the residents. In essence, where lot sizes are less than an acre, any of the multi unit mailbox post systems can be implemented, although HOAs and property managers will receive the greatest cost savings when mounting four or five mailboxes per post system.  The nation’s leading retailer of multi-mount mailbox systems, The Mailboxworks, offers two excellent options when selecting quad or pentad post mount systems such as the Gaines Decorative and Gaines Signature Series decorative multi mount mailbox post systems.

Architectural Considerations

The second tip to consider in your selection of HOA multi mount mailboxes is the architectural statement your selection is making.  Multi unit mailbox systems can be utilitarian in nature or stunningly elegant. While elegantly styled multi mount mailboxes are more expensive than their utilitarian counterparts, property managers should keep in mind that the installation costs for each is the same. Therefore, if it is financially feasible, the ascetically pleasing multi mount mailbox system that matches the architectural integrity of the complex will nearly always create a more favorable response from one’s homeowners in the association or development.

Choosing a Vendor

The third tip for property managers and HOAs who are looking for a multi mount mailbox system is to carefully consider the mailbox vendor that they purchase their systems from. Many online mailbox retailers cannot provide any expertise in this important selection, as they are kitchen counter operations that simply drop ship their multi mount mailbox orders without any regard for the HOA’s true needs.

The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading retailer of multi unit post mount mailboxes. Our experienced mailbox experts can assist your HOA or property management group in the selection of the best multi mount mailbox system for your needs.

Additionally, their mailbox experts advise that HOAs and property managers consider the long-term support that a major retailer can bring in providing replacement parts and assistance in the future when snow plows or other unfortunate accidents damage their mailbox units.

To speak with a mailbox expert or for help choosing a multi unit post mount mailbox system for your HOA or property development, please call The Mailboxworks toll free at 1-866-717-4943.


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