Great Gift Ideas for Golfers: Golf Themed Mailboxes

November 17, 2015

Golf Bag Novelty MailboxFinding the perfect gift that will bring a smile to the golfing enthusiast in your life is not an easy shopping assignment.

But when you give the golfer in your life one of The MailboxWork’s golf themed mailboxes, they will not only smile upon opening your gift but also every day they use their golf mailbox.

Select from three distinct designs for golf themed mailboxes:

  1. Golf bag mailbox
  2. Golf ball mailbox
  3. Golf cart mailbox

Golf Bag Mailbox

Designed for outdoor use, the golf bag mailboxes are constructed using a wood composite with a baked enamel finish that attaches to a rust resistant, steel, post mount mailbox.

The golf bag mailbox is a standard sized post mount mailbox weighing a moderate ten pounds, and easily mounts to any standard mailbox post.  They also feature a red flag to signal the mail carrier that outgoing mail is ready to be picked up from your mailbox.

The golf bag mailboxes are distinctly designed with alluring details including beautiful straps that drape from the sides, a structured golf bag in beige and green colors with a full set of clubs projecting from the mailbox front door. Each golf bag mailbox is carefully hand made and decorated in the United States of America using long-lasting materials that can weather the harshest outdoor elements in America.

Golf Ball Mailbox

Also constructed of wood composite, the golf ball shaped mailbox features a large dimpled golf ball themed exterior that projects beyond the sides of a standard sized, steel post mount mailbox.

Standing in the center of the golf ball mailbox is a silhouette of a golfer dressed in baggy pants and cap in mid-swing.  The golf ball mailbox also features a red flag to signal the mail carrier that outgoing mail is ready to be picked up from your curbside mailbox.

Golf Cart Mailbox

Golf cart mailboxes are also an extraordinary gift selection for the avid golf lover in your life.  Constructed upon a foundation of a size one, galvanized steel, post mount mailbox, these beautifully handcrafted golf cart mailboxes are built with seven-ply exterior pine plywood.

The golf cart mailbox features many fine details such as two seats, golf cart roof, fenders, golf clubs, steering wheel and wheels.  Finishing processes such as an acrylic paint inside and out, as well as multiple coats of polyurethane, ensure these golf cart mailboxes will stay looking great and can be enjoyed for years to come.

The golf cart mailbox also features a red flag to signal the mail carrier to pickup outgoing mail, as well as the opportunity to personalize your mailbox with your recipient’s home address hand painted upon the golf cart mailbox.

Tee Off Your Curb Appeal with Golf-Themed Mailboxes

Golf-themed mailboxes offer a playful and personalized touch to your home’s exterior, showcasing your love for the game right at the curb. These unique mailboxes, inspired by the lush greens and leisurely spirit of golf, serve not only as a practical solution for your mail delivery but also as a conversation starter and a reflection of your personal interests. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or simply an enthusiast of the sport’s aesthetic, a golf-themed mailbox can add a whimsical yet elegant charm to your property.

Choosing a golf-themed mailbox is about embracing your passion and inviting it into your daily life, making every trip to check the mail a reminder of what you love. With designs that capture the essence of golf in both subtle and overt ways, there’s a mailbox to match your style and golfing allegiance.

Discover our range of golf-themed mailboxes at Mailbox Works and let your curb reflect your hobby. For a distinctive touch that combines fun with functionality, visit our website or contact us at 1-866-717-4943. Explore Golf-Themed Mailboxes | Contact Us for More Information

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