3 Factors to Consider When Buying Roadside Residential Mailboxes

March 2, 2015

Janzer Mailbox With Post And CuffIn this article we will dive into the intricacies of buying curbside residential mailboxes; more specifically, stand alone post mount residential mailboxes.

For homeowners looking to punctuate their home’s architectural design, there is no better place to begin than with stand alone, decorative curbside residential mailboxes.

One of the easiest outdoor home improvements to install, a decorative residential mailbox and post can make both a design statement and significantly improve the functionality of receiving and sending your home mail.

Typical Residential Post Mailbox Usage

Mounted near the roadside, a curbside post mount residential mailbox is typically used in rural or suburban settings as opposed to urban settings, where wall mount or clustered commercial mailboxes are common.

Because of the typical roadside location, post mount curbside residential mailboxes provide an extraordinary opportunity to make a great first impression of your home for every guest and neighbor that approaches.

As you consider the best first impression for your home’s mailbox, the following three factors should be carefully weighed before you purchase a residential mailbox and post:

  1. Mailbox Functionality
  2. Architectural Style
  3. Reputable Mailbox Supplier

Functionality of Curbside Residential Mailboxes

First, one must consider the functionality required of your curbside mailbox. It does no good to browse through dozens of beautiful, decorative residential post mailboxes that simply do not provide the features you require.

Consider the size of the mailbox you may need as well as whether you will need a locking mailbox or not.  Additionally consider options such as a newspaper holder or places to mount or apply your address to the mailbox and post.

By deciding your needs in advance, you will save a significant amount of time in narrowing down the curbside residential mailbox that will best suit your needs.  Moreover, you will not risk falling in love with a mailbox that will not meet your requirements.

Residential Post Mailbox Style

Secondly, when buying curbside residential mailboxes, it is highly advisable to consider the architectural style of your home.

Homes with an old world Victorian design may require a residential Victorian mailbox style that exhibits the same or similar ornate attributes as the heritage home. On the other hand, modern homes are best suited for contemporary or modern residential post mount mailboxes.

The key is to consider the lines or style of your home and try to match your new residential mailbox and post to that style rather than trying to contrast the styles.

Residential Mailbox Supplier

The third thing to consider when buying a residential post mailbox is to find a mailbox supplier or vendor you feel you can trust.

We recommend choosing a mailbox supplier that has a proven history of serving residential mailbox customers.

For example, The MailboxWorks is the nation’s leading online mailbox retailer with a proven history and can ship across North America. In business since 1989, The MailboxWorks has over three decades of experience in helping homeowners with curbside residential mailboxes.

Most homeowners do not regularly purchase residential post mailboxes so finding a trustworthy mailbox supplier is crucial.

It’s not uncommon to find many Internet vendors that take your money easily enough but their product knowledge and return policies are often quite limited.

Shop wisely, and always look for an established recognized mailbox supplier.

Order Mailboxes Online at The MailboxWorks

Since 1989, The MailboxWorks has been leading online mailbox retailer in North America.

For more information about curbside residential mailboxes or to place a mailbox order, please send us an email or call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943.


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