Column Mount Mailboxes

September 19, 2011

QualArc Manchester Mailbox Stucco ColumnIn the arena of residential mailboxes, one of the most custom mailbox installations available is the column mount mailbox.  Column Mailboxes provide a unique look that can be designed to match your home’s architectural style down to the finest details.  And in most cases, the value relative to the design impact made is comparable to the finest of post mounted and wall mounted mailboxes.  In other words, the cost of creating a custom locking column mount mailbox is quite reasonable.

As one considers which column residential mailbox to install, there are three distinct column mailbox designs to carefully consider.

Recessed Column Mailboxes – First, one should consider the recessed column mailbox insert.  These inserts are designed to fit inside a custom-made column.  The mailbox column is often constructed utilizing the same brick, stucco, or stone materials used as design elements in one’s home.  These custom columns may be either existing columns that simply need a new recessed mailbox insert to be installed or they may be new construction that can be designed both around the ascetics of the home and the schematics of the recessed column mounted mailbox insert.

Recessed column mailbox inserts are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs.  The Manchester Column Mount Mailbox insert is rectangular in design with a sweeping arch across the top that can often be mimicked in the column’s design itself.  This Manchester mailbox can be purchased as a locking column mailbox that allows the mail to drop to a rear access door or a simple front door mailbox.  The faceplate is available in bronze, antique copper or black and can be adorned with a variety of elegant symbols on the door.  A matching mailbox address plaque can also be installed to add an even statelier look to the Manchester design.

Similar to the Manchester column mounted mailbox insert are the Streetscape Gateway Recessed Column Mailboxes and the Streetscape Courtyard Recessed Column Mount Mailboxes.  Both of these economically priced residential mailboxes are made from a heavy gauge solid brass sheet and bar stock and are hand cut and welded to a strong, beautiful finish.

Another economical option is the Medium Oasis Locking Column Mount Mailbox.  These recessed column mailboxes provide a hopper door to accept parcels and are available in black, white, pearl gray, bronze, and sand colors.

Gaines Classic Faceplate Recessed Mount MailboxThe Gaines Classic Faceplate Mailbox is yet another stylistic option for the recessed column mounted residential mailboxes.  These designs can be flush mounted into a home’s exterior or inset into a column or pillar. Featuring solid brass accents these mailbox faceplates provide a stately look.  For a traditional mailbox look, consider also the Keystone Original Series Column Mount mailbox or the Keystone Signature Series Column-Mount Mailbox.  Both of these mailboxes are typical post-mount mailboxes that can be inserted into a column or pillar to create a column mount mailbox.Column Mounted Delivery Vaults – The second type of column residential mailboxes is called Delivery Vaults.  These residential mailboxes are primarily utilized for applications that require a secure drop-off for either packages or long-term mail accumulation.  For example, both the dVault Delivery Vault Wall & Column Mount Mailbox and the dVault Junior Delivery Vault Column Mount Mailbox are both constructed as high security, weather protective mail receptacles.  These dVault column mount residential mailboxes are available in five different colors:  black, copper vein, sand, grey, and white.

All-In-One Column Mount Mailboxes – A third type of column mount mailbox is the unique all-in-one mailbox unit.  All-in-one mailboxes are not simply inserts that fit into an existing column or into new construction; these column mailboxes come with the column itself.  The Manchester Mailbox affords this unique option with a stunning stucco column constructed of an industrial grade Styrofoam core with a painted exterior that is available in slate gray, sandstone, and burnt Tuscan finishes.

A more traditional option in the all-in-one mailbox unit is the Ecco 8 Tower Column Mailbox.  These residential column mailboxes are designed in a Victorian style that features elegant classic motifs on all four sides of the column.  This residential column mailbox is also distinguished as the only column mailbox that arrives fully assembled and ready to install in moments by simply bolting it to a pedestal from the inside floor.  The Ecco 8 Tower Mailbox is available in Satin Black, Rust Brown, and Bronze color options.

Whatever type of column mailboxes one chooses, these residential column mount mailboxes are among the most unique customized styles available.


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