Two Built In Column Mailbox Options for 2019

January 24, 2019

In this article, The MailboxWorks will take a closer look at two residential built in column mailbox options. These two column mailboxes are leading the way in 2019 for roadside mailboxes and include:

  1. Victorian Style Ecco 8 Tower Mailbox
  2. Qualarc Manchester Column Mailbox

Both built in column mailbox options share a common characteristic in that they are have a large mailbox size. However, each has its own very distinctive architectural style. As well, the Ecco 8 mailbox is a stand-alone cast aluminum tower whereas the Manchester mailbox is a locking column mailbox insert that is recessed into its own unique stucco or brick column.

Ecco 8 Victorian Tower Curbside MailboxEcco 8 Tower Mailbox

The Victorian style Ecco 8 tower mailbox has a very distinct architectural design motif that will clearly complement any home with Victorian architecture.

Although moderately priced, this is a stately built in column mailbox that features the fine embellishments of Victorian design on all four sides of the mailbox tower.

Crafted of formidable cast aluminum, the Ecco 8 tower mailbox is powder-coated with a professionally applied paint finish. It is perfect for walk-up mail delivery service and is available in bronze, rust brown, and the uber-popular satin black.

At nearly four feet in height (44”), the Ecco 8 mailbox can be mounted directly on to a concrete surface via an interior bolt assembly inside the column. Or, to provide an even greater sense of stature, the Victorian style Ecco 8 Tower mailbox can also be mounted upon a brick or stucco column.

Each Ecco 8 mailbox features an incoming mail slot as well as a large front access door (that pivots 180 degrees), plus a locking rear access door. The rear access allows the estate’s mail to be safely retrieved without the need to step into pedestrian sidewalk traffic.

The MailboxWorks advises estate homeowners to seek local postmaster approval before purchasing and installing the Ecco 8 built in column mailbox for curbside mail delivery.

QualArc Manchester Mailbox Stucco ColumnQualarc Manchester Column Mailbox

The second estate-worthy built in column mailbox option for 2019 is the Qualarc Manchester mailbox. This large roadside column mailbox is ideal for estate homeowners that want to build a custom stucco column to match the exterior finish of their west coast home.

The Mailboxworks also offers a pre-built stucco column that the Manchester mailbox can be mounted into. These are available in three standard paint finishes including slate gray, sandstone, and burnt Tuscan. They can also be ordered in custom colors to match any stucco exterior color finish.

Constructed from an exterior grade Styrofoam core, the stucco column has the heft needed for an estate sized mailbox, without the expensive shipping costs for a heavier column that does not use industrial Styrofoam.

This Stucco column is simple to install as it slides down over a wooden 4’ x 4’ post to secure it to the estate grounds.

The Manchester mailbox insert can then be installed to complete the look. The Manchester mailbox door is available with four intriguing design options: blank, a scroll design, a Fleur de Lis design, or a cross design.

Additionally, the Manchester mailbox inset is available in three beautiful colors including black, antique copper, and bronze. Pick the color choice and design that best matches your estate!

Residential mail is delivered through the secure, locking mailbox front door and falls to the interior bottom of the column mailbox.  Additionally, The MailboxWorks Stucco Column and Manchester built in column mailbox are also available at order with the following accessories:

  • Newspaper holders
  • Address plaques
  • And a masonry flag to signal your need for mail delivery or pickup

Looking for More Built In Column Mailbox Options?

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