Four Ways to Save When Buying Outdoor Commercial Mailboxes

July 7, 2015

Outdoor commercial mailboxes for centralized mail delivery are vital fixtures for apartment and business complexes.  Yet, whether you are buying outdoor commercial mailboxes for apartments, commercial buildings, or for private delivery, the purchasing process doesn’t have to be unnecessarily cumbersome or expensive.

The mailbox experts at The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading wholesaler of commercial mailboxes for USPS delivery, can help improve the buying experience for developers (plus property owners and managers) with these four key secrets for saving both time and money:

  1. Call your Local Postmaster First
  2. Order from Mailbox Experts
  3. Request Mechanical Drawings
  4. Buy in Bulk

Contact Your Local Postmaster

First, if you are replacing older outdoor commercial mailboxes, a simple phone call to your local postmaster may lead to instant, significant savings in your mailbox purchase. Many commercial mailboxes can simply be replaced, as long as the same product is utilized. And often, the cost of replacement mailboxes, and the associated installation labor, can lead to significant savings for your project.

Order from Commercial Mailbox Experts

Second, even if you are somewhat confident in the ordering process, you can nearly always save both time and money by placing a call to the experts at The MailboxWorks. Call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

Buying outdoor commercial mailboxes from online call centers that simply drop-ship their products (they don’t actually know the products they are selling), can lead to major errors. You may even order the wrong mailbox configuration or product, which can not only waste your hard earned dollars but also your valuable time.

The mailbox experts at The MailboxWorks have over three decades of experience (since 1989). They can guide you not only to the best product for your application but also the most efficient mailbox configuration for your purpose (and for your tenants). The expertise offered at The MailboxWorks is unparalleled.

Be wary of purchasing outdoor commercial mailboxes from kitchen table Internet ordering operations that contract with call centers. They often just read from a script and drop ship products to clients without ever knowing or understanding the commercial mailbox products they are selling.

The experts at The MailboxWorks are exceptionally knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have about the products you are inquiring about. They know every aspect concerning any type of outdoor commercial mailbox. They can not only answer your questions, but also offer expert advice for your particular application.

Ask for Mechanical Drawings

Requesting mechanical drawings is the third way that can help you save in the long run. The experts at The MailboxWorks will provide mechanical drawings for the outdoor commercial mailboxes specified in your order or quote. Actual drawings will help you verify that the experts at The MailboxWorks have your best interests at heart. These free drawings also allow you to double-check with your supervisor or installer that you are purchasing the right outdoor commercial mailboxes for your project. The review of these drawings is a key secret that will ensure time and money are not being wasted.

Visit this Florence Manufacturing site page to view many of their technical documents and drawings.

Buy Outdoor Commercial Mailboxes in Quantity

The fourth way to realize significant cash savings is by ordering outdoor commercial mailboxes in bulk. At The MailboxWorks, quantity discounts begin with the order of just a second mailbox unit and discounts increase with the order of additional units.

If you still have questions about outdoor commercial mailboxes, call us today toll free at 1-866-717-4943.

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