The Natural Benefits of Wooden Cedar Mailboxes

April 20, 2015

Deluxe Cedar Chalet MailboxFor some, wooden cedar mailboxes are simply long-lasting rural mailboxes that seem to be best suited for a forested lot or country landscape.

Yet for others, decorative cedar mailboxes are reminiscent of a special building material that dates all the way back to the wood used to create King Solomon’s Temple or the Bible’s Ark of the Covenant (that very same box that Indiana Jones chased after).

Natural western red cedar is a hallowed material utilized by our Native American Indians in the Pacific Northwest to create indigenous cedar totem poles, canoes, masks, and even cedar roofing material.

Buy why are modern cedar house mailboxes so popular?

Here are four great reasons why natural cedar wood is such a fantastic material for making decorative post mount cedar mailboxes. Cedar wood is:

  1. Naturally Durable
  2. Naturally Resistant to Decay and Rot
  3. Virtually Maintenance Free
  4. And Aesthetically Beautiful

Natural Durable Wood

The first benefit of cedar mailboxes is that cedar has an innate natural durability. One only needs to look to the totem poles found all across the Pacific Northwest coast. Whether located in downtown Seattle or in Fairbanks Alaska, cedar totem poles that were erected as far back as the late 1800s are still standing strong. No wonder The MailboxWorks, the nation’s leading retailer of residential wall mount and post mount mailboxes, offers several styles of post mount wooden cedar mailboxes.

Cedar Resists Decay, Rot & Insects

Wooden cedar mailboxes are also naturally resistant to decay, rot, and insects. The taste of the cedar wood is naturally disgusting to termites and other destructive pests so wooden cedar mailboxes outlast mailboxes made from all other types of wood.

Cedar is Virtually Maintenance Free

Because of cedar’s natural resistance to rot and decay, wooden cedar mailboxes do not require any form of waterproofing, staining, or varnishing so it becomes one of the few home accessories that is truly maintenance free. The natural oils in the cedar wood repel water causing the water to bead up and fall away. Unfinished cedar mailboxes simply never get wet or soak up water.

Cedar is a Beautiful Wood

Finally, the aesthetic beauty of cedar wood mailboxes is without comparison. Imbued with rich tonal properties, yet decidedly crisp, cedar mailboxes draw the eye without creating an unnatural punctuation in its environment. A western red cedar mailbox fits in, yet it stands out.

Cedar House Shaped Mailboxes

The MailboxWorks carries five stunning cedar house mailboxes for today’s discerning homeowners looking for a unique post mount mailbox. Whether you choose the popular cedar chalet mailbox with a smooth cedar plank roofline or a more deluxe cedar mailbox model that features the popular cedar shake roof, all are offered with a variety of corresponding cedar mailbox posts so that the wood for the post mount mailbox is consistent throughout.

Some favorite cedar mailboxes are cedar log cabin mailboxes with a signal flag jutting from the cabin’s chimney, and New England Cedar mailboxes that feature cedar wood construction around a galvanized steel mailbox.

Cedar mailbox posts are also available for all decorative cedar mailboxes. The cedar posts range from a simple post that cantilevers the large cedar mailboxes out (so the post carrier can conveniently pull up to one’s mailbox without hitting the post) to a more deluxe, cantilevered cedar mailbox post that features a sweeping curve along the arm.

Additionally large cedar mailboxes can be placed upon a third post style that includes a cedar newspaper box so that all paper deliveries to your home will be protected from the elements.

Embracing Nature with Wooden Cedar Mailboxes

In wrapping up our discussion on the benefits of wooden cedar mailboxes, it’s evident that these charming additions offer more than just a rustic aesthetic. They blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, providing durability, natural resistance to the elements, and a unique, warm touch to your home’s exterior.

Step Into a World of Natural Charm

Venture into our assortment of wooden cedar mailboxes to find that perfect piece that not only meets your mail storage needs but also complements your home’s natural beauty. Whether you’re drawn to the classic look or the environmentally friendly aspect of cedar, there’s a mailbox that suits your style and sustainability values.

Looking to add a touch of nature to your curb appeal? Our team is ready to assist you in selecting a wooden cedar mailbox that embodies both beauty and functionality. For expert guidance or to browse our selection, reach out at 1-866-717-4943or via our contact page.

Discover the perfect blend of practicality and natural elegance at MailboxWorks, where your ideal wooden cedar mailbox awaits.


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