The Hand Painted Beauty of Bacova Fiberglass Mailboxes

March 4, 2013

Bacova Post Mount MailboxDesigned and handcrafted for nearly half a century in the hot spring resort community of Bath County, Virginia, The MailboxWork’s Bacova Mailboxes are custom, made-to-order, fiberglass crafted, and professional artist decorated residential mailboxes constructed to endure harsh weather conditions.

Modestly priced, Bacova mailboxes are available in three distinct styles:

  1. Bacova decorative post mount mailbox
  2. Bacova StrongBox post mount mailbox
  3. Bacova Oval post mount mailbox

Bacova Decorative Mailboxes

The Bacova Decorative Post Mount Mailboxes are constructed of steel, painted black and then covered in a hand-laminated fiberglass wrap to resist harsh weather conditions. This unique curbside mailbox is available in dozens of hand painted designs such as flowers, birds, bunnies, golf, tennis, architectural elements, frogs, cats and dogs.

The decorative Bacova designs, regardless of which one desired, can be applied to three different sizes:  small, medium, and large (the large could be more appropriately named “huge”). The small Bacova mailboxes include one line of up to 18 letters of personalization such as custom address numbers and the homeowner’s name. The medium and large Bacova mailboxes are available with up to two lines of personalization (20 characters per line on the medium Bacova and 22 characters per line on the large Bacova mailboxes).

Bacova StrongBox Post Mount MailboxBacova StrongBox Mailboxes

Vandal resistant Bacova StrongBox Residential Mailboxes are nearly indestructible.  Constructed of 20 pounds of sturdy, 12-gauge steel and wrapped with fiberglass, these post mount Bacova mailboxes are designed to outlast the vandalistic treachery of 2×4’s and steel pipes. Trade show demonstrations have proven that even mighty swings with a baseball bats will not defeat these Bacova mailboxes. The bats break. Up to one line of personalization (such as address numbers or homeowner’s name) can be applied with any of the beautiful custom designs for these StrongBox Bacova mailboxes.

Bacova Oval Mailboxes

In addition to decorative Bacova and StrongBox Bacova mailboxes, consider the Bacova Oval Post Mount Mailboxes.  These steel curbside mailboxes also feature hand-laminated fiberglass wraps and oval-set artwork applied to a Cobalt Blue, Forest Green, or Burgundy Red background. Choose bunnies, mallards, pheasants, wildflowers or a grouping of dogs for the oval-set artwork. The Bacova Oval mailboxes are available in either the small or medium sizes and may be personalized at no extra cost with one line of custom letters or numbers.

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