Three Vital Questions to Answer When Buying Apartment Mailboxes

October 21, 2013 8:41 pm

Florence Vertical MailboxesTo ensure you receive the best possible selection of mailboxes for your apartment complex, as a developer or property manager charged with the responsibility of purchasing apartment mailboxes you should consider not only the mailbox store you will be purchasing from, but also that the vendor is knowledgeable enough to ask the following three key questions:

  1. Do you need outdoor apartment mailboxes or indoor mailboxes?
  2. Is this a new mailbox installation or are you replacing existing apartment mailboxes?
  3. Will your apartment mailboxes be centralized in one location or placed in multiple locations?

Choosing the Best Mailbox Store to Buy From

First, developers or property managers should research to find the best possible mailbox vendor.

Some mailbox stores have been in business for decades and have actual brick and mortar stores. These mailbox suppliers are considered the experts in the industry.

Others who purport to be vendors, simply provide a website or phone center to receive your apartment mailbox order but have never actually seen or touched an actual apartment mailbox.  It’s worthwhile to check their history.

Not only are these online vendors completely ignorant of the type of apartment mailboxes you will need, they may not even be aware of what they don’t know or need to know about apartment mailboxes.

MailboxWorks – Mailbox Store Since 1989

One of the absolute best ways to be sure you are installing the most appropriate apartment mailboxes for your specific situation is to describe your application to an expert such as the seasoned professionals at The MailboxWorks.

Not only do their experts know the answers to your questions, they’ll introduce you to questions you haven’t even considered yet.

By a large factor, your choice of mailbox vendor will affect not only the price you pay but also the confidence you’ll have in knowing you are receiving the perfect apartment mailboxes for your application.

The remaining portion of this article will assist you with grasping the three key questions noted above, that a top-notch mailbox store should ask to ensure you receive the perfect apartment mailboxes for your project.

While this is not an exhaustive list, the answers to these questions will assist a knowledgeable vendor in helping you select the right apartment mailboxes for your property.

Florence 4C MailboxesOutdoor or Indoor Apartment Mailboxes

To prepare for this first question, consider where will your apartment mailboxes be installed, outdoors or indoors?

Outdoor apartment mailboxes need to provide added security and be able to withstand the natural elements. Indoor mailboxes can be recessed, wall mounted or free standing, depending on your situation.

The MailboxWorks carries specific products for both locations and can assist you in your decision process.

New or Replacement Mailboxes

Will you be replacing your existing apartment mailboxes or will it be a new installation? To have the answer ready for this second question, note whether your apartment mailboxes will be a replacement unit for existing apartment mailboxes or whether they will be installed as a part of a new construction or major renovation project.

Again, a recognized mailbox store like The MailboxWorks will have specific products approved by the USPS postal service for each type of project and their mailbox experts will know what to recommend. They also provide mailbox installation advice.

Centralized Apartment Mailboxes or Not

To ensure you are ready for the final major question a mailbox store should ask concerning your apartment mailboxes, consider whether or not you wish to provide your tenants with mail delivery to one centralized location or mail delivery at more than one centralized location.

The majority of the time, the building or property design will determine the answer to this question however don’t forget to consider the needs and convenience of your tenants.  Tenant retention rates are always a factor that needs to be considered.

A reputable mailbox store like The MailboxWorks will not only ask the right questions, but also provide a knowledgeable mailbox customer service professional who can identify the perfect apartment mailboxes for your important project.

As with any commercial or residential postal mail delivery installation, the professionals at The MailboxWorks will remind you to consult with your local postmaster before you start your project.

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