A Primer for Anyone Purchasing Apartment Horizontal Mailboxes

December 29, 2014

Florence 4C MailboxesMost often utilized in apartment buildings and multi-tenant complexes, apartment horizontal mailboxes are generally postal delivery mailboxes. Private distribution horizontal mailboxes are also available for any complex that has its own private mail distribution system.

The name horizontal mailboxes is derived from the orientation of each individual tenant mailbox door within the overall unit, which as a unit containing dozens of tenant mailboxes, may appear vertical on the whole.

Horizontal mailboxes can be front loading or rear loading, which designates whether or not the mail carrier opens the front or back of the horizontal mailbox unit to quickly load the mail in all the tenant mailboxes.

Residential horizontal mailboxes have three primary installation options:

  1. Installed inside (or outside) a building
  2. Mounted on a wall
  3. Or mounted in a kiosk

UPDATE: 4C Pedestal Mailboxes have been discontinued as of November 30, 2020. The USPS Cluster Box Unit (CBU) Mailbox is now the standard for all multi-family mail delivery.

Florence 1400 Postal Horizontal Commercial MailboxesNumbering Horizontal Mailbox Doors

Each tenant mailbox door on horizontal mailboxes can be custom numbered with the property manager’s designated numbering system or simply numbered with standard 1, 2, 3, etc. Numbering horizontal mailboxes is available in two options:

  1. A placard style labeling
  2. Or actually engraved into each tenant door

Horizontal Mailbox Keys

When you buy horizontal mailboxes from The MailboxWorks, you are provided with an unprecedented three sets of keys for each tenant mailbox.  With three initial sets of tenant mailbox keys, property managers can provide two keys to each tenant for the convenience of retrieving their mail, plus one key can remain secure in the office, in case the tenant loses their keys or fails to return the mailbox keys at the end of their lease.

Layout Design for Horizontal Mailboxes

While purchasing agents of apartment horizontal mailboxes are often seeking product fit for a predetermined architectural design, the experts at The MailboxWorks can provide significant assistance and ideas to professionals earlier in the design process.

For example, depending on the tenant path through the residential complex (whether walking from a street through the front door and up the elevator or from a parking space via sidewalk to their unit), the placement of apartment horizontal mailboxes on the property can actually have an impact on tenant retention rates.

By simply grouping the horizontal mailboxes in such a way as to promote tenant interaction and increase the opportunities for tenant friendships this, in turn, increases the attraction of the entire building.

Horizontal mailboxes can also be purchased in a wide variety of color options to either complement or punctuate the design aesthetic of the residential complex.

For purchasing agents needing horizontal mailboxes quotes, the experts at The MailboxWorks will not only put your mind at ease in ensuring that you have chosen the perfect unit for your horizontal mailboxes installation but they also have all the manufacturing relationships they need to guarantee you are getting all applicable discounts available to you.


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