AMCO Victorian Style Mailboxes – Mounting Options

October 26, 2015

AMCO Victorian Pedestal Locking MailboxAMCO mailboxes, available at The MailboxWorks, are the “holy grail” for homeowners on a quest for an ornately adorned Victorian style mailbox.

AMCO Manufacturing mailboxes are available in all three major mailbox mounting options including:

  1. AMCO post mount mailbox
  2. AMCO wall mount mailbox
  3. And the stately AMCO pedestal mailbox

AMCO New Orleans Mailbox Post Mount

As a residential post mount mailbox, the elegant AMCO New Orleans mailbox elicits fond remembrances of the Vieux Carré or French Quarter.

Graced by an elegantly encircled fleur-de-lis upon the mailbox door (with a corresponding fleur-de-lis within a sweeping oval on it’s side), these stately AMCO residential mailboxes exude all the qualities of fine Victorian design.

In addition, the design flourishes extend to all the accouterments of the mailbox including the mailbox post.

Perched on the roofline of the AMCO New Orleans mailbox body sits an oval address plaque. A Victorian scrolled support bracket connects the mailboxes to the mailbox post providing additional support.

The surface-mounted posts for the AMCO New Orleans mailboxes are also adorned in myriad Victorian finishes such as an escalating ball finial and a double-fluted trunk atop a hexangular post base.

Available in two beautiful mailbox finishes (a whitened Khaki and a Verde-infused patina), AMCO post mount mailboxes reflect two of the most distinctive finishes of the Victorian-era.

AMCO Locking Wall Mount Mailboxes

The MailboxWorks also offers three distinctive wall mount styles of AMCO mailboxes that all reflect fine Victorian design principles.

The AMCO Victorian locking wall mount mailbox features a brass plate with the word “Letters” upon it over the mail slot.  Beneath the mail slot sits a Pony Express rider on a swinging front panel door, which locks for security.

The top of this AMCO wall mount mailbox features a crowned Queen Anne shingled roof hoisted by four paneled columns.

Available in five different mailbox finishes common to Victorian design (black, brick, bronze, stone, and white), these fine wall mount AMCO mailboxes provide an excellent representation of Victorian design that is sure to complete any home.

AMCO Provincial Mailboxes

The MailboxWorks also carries the AMCO Provincial mailbox, which is a horizontally oriented wall mount mailbox.

Offered without a lock, these mono-finished decorative wall mount mailboxes feature a lidded horizontal mailbox with Victorian ribbon flourishes mounted upon a symmetrically curved wall plate.

AMCO Provincial mailboxes are offered in five rustic finishes including black, bronze, brick tone, rust, and stone.

AMCO Colonial Mailboxes

For homeowners seeking a vertically-oriented Victorian-style wall mount mailbox, the AMCO Colonial Mailbox is a locking wall mount mailbox with swinging framed door embellished with the word “mail” and mounted upon a symmetrically curved wall plate similar to the Provincial model.

Available in five finishes (black, bronze, brick, khaki, and stone), these AMCO Colonial mailboxes have a small peek-in window that allows one to see, at a glance, if the mail has been delivered or not.

AMCO Pedestal Mailboxes

In addition to AMCO wall mount and post mount mailbox styles, two elegant pedestal mount mailbox styles are also offered:

  1. Victorian AMCO pedestal mailbox
  2. Colonial AMCO pedestal mailbox

Victorian Pedestal Mailbox – This AMCO mailbox model features a Pony Express design on the front panel plus a top-swinging brass plate with the word “Letters” upon it. The mailbox plate swings to protect the incoming mail and hanging bugles adorn the mailbox side panels.

The Queen Anne slated roof of the pedestal mailbox is topped with a piqued crown and the surface mounted pedestal features an inverted crown base topped with a fluted trumpet column that is finished with a scalloped vase upon which the mailbox is mounted.

These Victorian pedestal mailboxes are available in five fine finishes:  antique moccasin, black, bronze, patina, and white.

Colonial Pedestal Mailbox – This AMCO Mailbox model features the scrolling framed word “Letters” upon the front panel with fluted columns separating the front panel from the side panels and features a vertically mirrored fleur-de-lis.

The tent-style canopied mailbox roof is topped by a brass ball finial and the front panel has a brass plate with a scroll design upon it that swings to receive one’s mail.

The mailbox pedestal itself has strong Victorian lines including a hexangular base with an elephant-foot pedestal leg that features a brass ring around the leg (that meets both base and mailbox).

The AMCO Colonial mailbox model is available in seven finishes:  black, white, patina, stone, bronze, khaki, and antique moccasin.

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