USPS Approved Commercial Mailboxes

At Mailbox Works you’ll find a huge selection of Mailboxes for sale including a full line of Commercial Mailboxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing.

For sending and receiving mail and small packages safely and securely, take a look at these commercial mailbox products.

Cluster Box CBU Commercial Mailbox UnitsCluster Box CBU Commercial Mailbox Units

Designed for outdoor use, these locking CBU commercial mailboxes are manufactured by Auth Florence Manufacturing. CBU cluster box units are USPS approved and ideal for areas that require centralized mail delivery systems such as multi-unit residential complexes. To combat vandalism and mail theft, we also carry reinforced, high-security commercial mailboxes that are vandal proof.

Horizontal Commercial Mailboxes

If your project is a multi-tenant building or apartment complex, you can either purchase private distribution commercial mailboxes or postal distribution commercial mailboxes, including 4C-STD horizontal mailboxes and USPS-approved horizontal commercial mailboxes.

Vertical Commercial Mailboxes

These vertical commercial mailboxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing can be utilized in apartment complexes and multi-tenant buildings but USPS has only approved them for replacement use.

4C Commercial Mailboxes4C Commercial Mailboxes

All new construction projects and any projects undergoing major renovations that require commercial  mailboxes must use USPS approved Auth Florence 4C commercial mailboxes. Mailbox Works carries both front loading 4C commercial mailboxes and rear loading 4C commercial mailboxes.

College & University Commercial Mailboxes

Most colleges, universities and educational institutions need a private use, multi-unit commercial mailbox system. Along with trash and recycling bins, mini-storage lockers and drop collection boxes, the secure commercial mailboxes we carry suitable for colleges and universities include standard horizontal mailboxes for private use, 4C commercial mailboxes for private use and CBU cluster box units.

Commercial Cell Phone Storage Lockers & Cabinets

Many commercial businesses, government buildings, educational facilities and industrial complexes now have restrictions on cell phone use. Commercial cell phone storage lockers are available as front loading or rear loading units and provide a secure safe system for storing cell phones and other electronic devices as well as small items like keys. Military installations also use cell phone storage lockers.

Commercial Drop Boxes & Collection Boxes

Mailbox Works also carries a selection of secure commercial drop boxes and collection boxes. Our products include bundled door mail collection units, wall mounted collection boxes, post mount locking drop boxes, rear access drop boxes and front access drop boxes.

Commercial Key Cabinets & Key Keepers

Buy your commercial key keepers or locking key cabinets online at Mailbox Works. Key keepers and key cabinets are ideal for property managers and provide a secure method for mail carriers to access your building to deliver the mail.

For help deciding the type of commercial mailboxes you may need for your project, talk to one of our commercial mailbox experts.
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