Bommer Industries Commercial Mailboxes

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Bommer Industries

Lorenz Bommer founded Bommer Industries in 1876 in Lower Manhattan. Just four years before he had patented the world’s very first double acting spring hinge. Today, Bommer Industries has over 125 years of experience manufacturing “American Made” hardware plus postal specialty products including vertical mailboxes and pedestal mailbox units.

As one of the oldest existing manufacturers of commercial mailboxes, Bommer is known for a variety of mailbox styles including horizontal mailboxes, vertical mailboxes, parcel lockers, and pedestal mailboxes. The Bommer Industries trademark represents quality, craftsmanship, and lasting durability. Although the Bommer outdoor pedestal mailboxes are no longer USPS approved they are still used for mailbox replacement purposes, as well as private mail delivery applications. See all our private distribution mailboxes here.

The flexible design of these Bommer outdoor pedestal NDCBU mailboxes offers several relevant applications including for custom private use as distribution and collection boxes. For more information about any of these Bommer commercial mailboxes or for more assistance in placing your order please call The MailboxWorks at (866) 717-4943.