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Bobi Mailboxes

Post mount and wall mount Bobi mailboxes offer so much more than just curb appeal. These front and rear access residential mailboxes are manufactured in Finland and help prevent mail and identity theft, all while complimenting your home. Two brothers in Finland got the idea of manufacturing a rounded mailbox and founded the Bobi mailbox company back in 1991.

Today the Bobi stainless steel mailbox is available in two sizes with front and rear access versions, and they come in 8 different color options such as the highly popular red Bobi mailbox and black Bobi mailbox. These are limited access residential mailboxes intended for pickup of incoming mail. They include a secure locking feature to prevent mail theft and identity theft. Other great selling features of the Bobi mailbox include its large storage capacity and the ability to accept large incoming envelopes and magazines. Both the Bobi rear access mailbox and Bobi front access mailbox are highly popular in Finland and are patented in Finland, Europe, and around the globe. See our full line of rear access residential mailboxes here.

The Bobi Classic mailbox and Bobi Grande mailbox are only produced in small quantities to maintain a one of a kind, high quality status. In fact, the Bobi mailbox design is the very first 21st century mailbox to be added to the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. Shop our great selection of the Bobi mailboxes online at The MailboxWorks or call us at (866) 717-4943 for assistance with your Bobi mailbox order.