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September 21, 2016

Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox Streetside PackageThe Whitehall Balmoral monogram mailbox is a magnificent fusion of sensible functionality and smart design.

If you are a homeowner looking for a beautiful post mount mailbox that will endure the elements and provide years of faithful service, you will find the Balmoral streetside monogram mailbox-post package from The MailboxWorks to be a “perfect fit” for your home

Balmoral Mailbox Construction

Whitehall’s mailbox design and manufacturing process adds a weather-resistant powder coat finish to the durable aluminum construction of the mailbox and post package and then adds a triple layer of protection through the addition of a special coating called Alumi-Shield.

The finished residential post mount mailbox, which boasts a lifetime limited warranty, provides long-lasting protection even against the most difficult weather conditions, with little to no ongoing maintenance required.

Large Mailbox Design

In addition to the maintenance-free exterior finishing, the large Whitehall Balmoral mailbox also provides three times the capacity of standard post mount mailboxes.

Measuring over a foot tall and wide (13” tall by 13.7” wide), and 21.25” deep, the Balmoral mailbox provides 2.2 cubic feet of space for incoming mail, magazines and small packages.

All that space is a real plus for homeowners who regularly receive coffee-table type magazines such as Architectural Digest or National Geographic, that look terrible if they have to be folded to fit into your mailbox. Balmoral mailbox owners find that there is enough room for their magazines to lay perfectly flat.

Additionally, the capacity of the large mailbox interior means that small packages that would normally be left exposed on the ground or crammed to fit inside a smaller mailbox, can now sit securely and neatly inside the Balmoral mailbox, and out of the elements.

Unique Design Motif

In addition to its practical functionality, the Whitehall Balmoral mailbox has an attractive design motif that originates not from the classic arch of a traditional post mount mailbox but instead, brings a new sense of class and customization to an otherwise non-descript design.

The front mailbox access door is framed by two double-fluted columns and topped with an arched roof that flares at the eves.  And regardless of whether the Balmoral mailbox is ordered in bronze, black or white, the gold accented door pull and the mail indicator flag provide excellent accents to the overall design.

Whitehall Balmoral Mailbox Side Address PanelCustomize Your New Balmoral Mailbox

All Balmoral mailboxes are customizable for each homeowner’s tastes and needs.

An optional personalized plaque for each side of the mailbox can be ordered to elegantly display your home’s full address, with room for up to five 3” tall gold numbers and up to sixteen 1.25” gold characters (which typically are used to spell out your street name).

A favorite Balmoral mailbox accent is the beautiful gold-encircled monogram that adorns the mailbox access door and greets each passerby with a hint of your family’s heritage.  A matching Balmoral post is also available to ensure a clean design ascetic, which can also be accented by an optional mailbox post cuff.

For more information or to ask our mailbox experts a question about the Whitehall Balmoral mailbox, please contact us online or call us toll free at 1-866-717-4943. All our residential post mount mailboxes can be viewed here.

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